mine: H2O Single Review

mine is the brand new project from the delightful Mia Schuster. Coming all the way from North Dakota , this captivating Canadian native is a sublime singer/ songwriter who posseses that something extra special. Actually Mia is now studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, here she’s finally been given the chance to come into her own as an individual and a musician.

Despite dropping Forget Me Nots towards the end of April, the impeccable H2O is in fact the debut single under the guise of mine. This tempting track was independently unveiled 27th July 2022 and yet again it’s a majestic masterpiece which showcased her splendid craft.

Anyhow Mia penned this compelling cut, Pete White mixed and Fili Filizzola provided the mastering. Now I’ve been streaming this impeccable tune an awful lot of times and I have nothing but positive praise for the finished article. H2O was pristine pop which enchanted me from the get go, that whimsical melody oozed plenty of chilled out vibes, Schuster’s strong vocal tones were a breath of fresh air whilst those luscious lyrics took the listener on Mia’s autobiographical journey to where we are today. I found H2O to be rather uplifting, as these wondrous words told you how Schuster chased the dream despite having people trying to shape how she’s meant to be “I’ve known since the 7th grade/ Music was on my path it’s paved/ There’s nothing standing in my way/ Guess it’s just in my DNA”.

H2O is available HERE


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