Introducing: Carina


Coming all the way from Toronto you have the extremely talented Carina Bianchini. She’s a highly passionate individual who not only writes her own material but she’s also a choreographer. Bianchini has appeared in Canadian musicals such as The Lion King and The Drowsy Chaperone plus she’s taught dance classes for studios like Shiamak Toronto. Bianchini is an impressive dancer, she choreographs for Girl Pow-R plus in 2020 she graduated from the dance program at Unionville High School in 2020 with honours (and a dance council scholarship). Now she’s is now studying Professional Music at Ryerson University.

Now Carina came to my attention way back in 2018 as she’s a member of Girl collective Girl Pow-R. The single in question being Krisi and that track hooked me instantaneously. Having been an admirer of their work for the past 4 years, I have to commend them all for the hard work they put in and it’s plain to see that they’ve each formed tight bonds with one another. Girl Pow-R were nominated for a JUNO Award in 2020.

2020 then saw Bianchini begin a brand new chapter as a soloist and her debut self released single Just Groove dropped 14th August. Two years later saw the emergence of Carina’s sophomore, this being Good Intentions and this being a sheer spectacle. 2022 was the year when Bianchini’s solo career ramped up, so far we’ve seen the likes of Good Intentions, In The Moment, I’ll Be There and most recently What To Do, all of which showcased both her sterling songwriting skills and heavenly vocal tones.

Solo material aside, Carina is member of Girl Pow-R and they’ve dropped three exquisite tunes this year and these being Galaxy, The Signs and most recently So New. Here Carina Bianchini is a Pink Jacket girl alongside Cindy Kofman and Emma Bown. Currently they’ve embarked on the Boys Of Summer tour, this 6 day jaunt saw them perform in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Houston. Aside from that I’m relishing hearing more Girl Pow-R compositions in the future.

Having been utterly enthralled with What To Do on 31st July 2022 I then had the desire to listen to more music from Carina and that’s when I explored the back catalogue. Whilst I was fully aware of Bianchini prior to her solo debut I never did compose my thoughts on each single.

Starting from the present, 5th June 2022 saw the unveiling of I Will Be There and this being a beautiful ballad which delivered a heartwarming message at the same time. Everything about I Will Be There was spot on, for starters it’s been written to perfection which enchanted me from the get go. Now the majestic melody was rather stripped back/ mellowing, Carina’s crisp vocals were a breath of fresh air whilst the glorious lyrical content told the story of sticking by a friend/ partner through thick and thin “I will be there for you/ And taking care of me too/ What I’m saying to you is true/ I will be there for you”.

1st May 2022 saw the unveiling of In The Moment and the whole style is utterly different compared to I Will Be There. In The Moment was pure dance pop which worked wonders, the melody was upbeat, Bianchini’s vibrant vocaals were succulently sweet whist those perfectly penned lyrics were fun and carefree. It’s all about making the most out of life or in other word living for the moment “We don’t know what the future brings/ So let’s live now/ Let’s just have our own party”. From the first listen I cannot help but envision the likes of Dua Lipa and Mabel.

The first Carina single of 2022 was Good Intentions and this came out 9th April. I’ve got nothing but praise for this glitzy end prouct, firstly the fresh and funky vibes this single gave out was pure synth pop which uplifted me at the same time. Actually I’m picturing the Jackson 5 (Blame It On The Boogie). Bianchini’s breathtking vocal tones drew the Ariana Grande comparisons whilst those self penned lyrics were rather sassy. Now this outstanding original told the story of a relationship that’s going through a difficut patch and the route of the problem being lack of communication. Aside from that Carina showcased her rapping skills for a portion of this track.

Carina’s solo career started off with Just Groove and this tremendous taster came out 14th August 2020. Judging by the finished article, this showcased her knack for penning pristine songs which leave you utterly hooked. I’ve had Just Groove on constant repeat and all I can say is WOW, the whole vibe is similar to Good Intentions plus you have elements of a R&B/ Soul influence. Now the marvellous melody was upbeat/ groovey, Bianchini’s tantalising tones were candy coated whilst those addictive lyrics can easily get you moving. Once again it was a feel good fun fuelled romp which uplifted my spirits at the same time. Listening to the finished article I can draw comparisons (in vibes) with Little Mix’s Move.

You can purchase Carina material from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Website

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