Jesse Maxwell: Outspoken Single Review


22nd July 2022 saw Jesse Maxwell release his brand new single and this being Outspoken and it’s literally a pristine piece of perfection. Recently I’ve been introduced to Maxwell and I must say I’m hooked with the material underneath his belt. Coming all way from Toronto, this compelling Canadian is a sublime singer/ songwriter/ producer who has that something extra special. It was back in 2019 when Jesse made his debut with Blade, 3 years later he’s dropped 10 tantilising single and the exquisite Helion EP. Actually this year will see the emergence of Jesse’s next body of work and this being LP2.

Here is what Maxwell had to say “Since my last project, Hellion, I feel I’ve grown in my production style and lyrics – speaking in a more interesting way, and making bolder production choices. I also feel like this album, LP2, sounds more authentic to what I want to sound like as an artist. I’m less afraid to be ‘out there’ and lately it’s something I’ve been gravitating more towards”.

Back to the single in question, I’ve had Outspoken on repeat and I hold it in my highest regards. This captivating cut was pure R&B, the gorgeous melody radiated sleek vibes whilst Jesse’s buttery smooth vocal tones were drenched in soulful goodness. Basically this number was extremely pleasent on the ear. Finally regarding the lyrical content, Outspoken detailed a break down of a relationship and what comes next. All of which resulted in an enchanting end product.

Outspoken is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Website

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