Girl Pow-R: So New Single Review


So New is the brand new single from the uber talented Girl Pow-R. Released 24th June 2022, this compelling cut was perfectly pop and at the same time it’s been perfectly penned. Now I’ve been keeping my eye on Girl Pow-R for 5 fantastic years, they can literally do no wrong as each tune they put out has been an absolute cracker. Anyhow Girl Pow-R come all the way from Canada and they are an impressive bunch of girls who have a burning passion for music. Literally I’ve seen them grow up whether it being in a music video, InstaGram live or a song that’s out there to stream or purchase.

Now this succulent song featured the trio of Pink Jacket girls and these being Carina Bianchini, Emma Bown and Cindy Kofman. Even though three girls only featured, Girl Pow-R is still a strong collective of girls who are the bestest of friends. Well I’ve had So New on constant repeat, this was an enchanting end product which enthralled me from start to finish. Those vibrant vocals are sweetly fresh, the majestic melody was fast in pace and those addictive lyrics painted a crystal clear picture. What Girl Pow-R have here is a summer anthem which oozed plenty of hapiness. I depict going on a Summer break with your best friends, you are driving down the freeway in an open top car with the wind blowing your hair. School’s out and things won’t be the same again as you’re going to be attending a different colleges which means you’re not going to see them every day. Hence the pre chorus “I don’t wanna end this ride/ I like when you’re by my side/ All of the years we’ve shared/ My mind always takes me back there”. Basically instead of being drenched in sadness (as you’re embarking on something new) So New actually focused on the happier memories of the time shared.

Actually these whimsical words could be refering to a relationship break up, this being completely mutual as the distance apart would be too much for it to last. This again is the last moments spent with each other and instead of being sad you focus and reminisce on the memories you made with one another.

The glitzy chorus was rather Haim esque and it literally worked wonders “We used to stay up late and dance all night/ It’s time to find out what’s next in/ life No matter the path we’ll be alright/ Ooooo So Newwww”.

So New is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Website

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