JULAPINK: Baby Blues Single Review

15th October 2021 saw the uber talented JULAPINK return with her sophomore single and this being Baby Blues. Coming all the way from New York City, Jula is a sensational independent singer/ songwriter who can literally do no wrong and I can tell that there is plenty of passion through her veins. A couple of months ago JULAPINK debuted with the upbeat/ infectious Broken, this sterling song told the story of a fractured relationship and it excited me for more outstanding originals in the future.

Well I have nothing but admiration for JULAPINK, she’s got something extremely speacial and has a gift when it comes to songwriting. Anyhow I’ve had Baby Blues on constant repeat and yet again it’s a sheer slice of perfection which enchants me with every listen. Firstly Jula wrote/ produced this sublime single, it was mixed by Dan Viafore and the mastering was provided by Chris Gehringer.

I have to shower Baby Blues with plenty of praise, it is a perfect addition to the catalogue and at the same time the vibes given off are different compared to Broken. Baby Blues was a whimical pop piano ballad which never fails to mesmerise me, JULAPINK truly knows how to pen exceptional originals as it’s literally a sheer spectacle. Aside from that everything about this compelling cut was spot on, that beautiful melody was soothing, Jula’s tender vocals were like a breath of fresh air whilst those perfectly penned lyrics were gut wrenching. They actually told the heart breaking story of falling for someone so hard only for everything to come crashing down out of the blue. Even though this heart ache leaves you feeling like you’ve been run over like a truck, the girl in question still has feelings for this guy and would like to get closure “But I still fantasize/ Bein with you one more time/ So I could ask you why/ I stopped giving you butterflies”. Whether this original is personal or not, I could feel every shred of pain from this unexpected breakup.

Finally Baby Blues is a radio friendly ballad, yes it’s been marked as Explict but this can easily be rectified by changing the said word to mess.

Baby Blues is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)



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