Connor Musarra: Fish Out Of Water/ Bored Video Review


1st October 2021 saw Connor Musarra unveil the music video for Fish Out Of Water. Now I was introduced to Connor’s music a couple of months ago, I was incredibly impressed which led me to delve into the back catalogue. Well Musarra comes all the way from Los Angeles, he’s a talented singer/ song writer/ producer who never fails to make me smile.

So Fish Out Of Water is taken from the current album Attempt 3, this superb song also featured Tezo and the end product being something extremelly captivating. Well this tantalising tune was rather upbeat, Connor’s raps were immersive whilst Tezo’s smooth vocals were ridiculously rich. Then you had perfectly penned lyrics which radiated a playfulness. Regarding the music video, I found it to be a humourous 110 seconds in which Connor dressed as a fish and then you had Tezo who donned a shark costume. Alongside this you had plenty of use of a green screen plus you had the addition of twerking female fish. Still I’ve watched these visuals a countless number of times and Musarra is one impressive rapper who has passion flowing through his veins

8th October then saw the unveiling of another muic video and this being for Bored. Lasting for 54 seconds this addictive cut was immersive indie pop, the gorgeous melody had me thinking of Nivarna, Connor’s vibrant vocals were super soothing whilst those lyrics dealt told the story of a relationship that’s lost its spark “Carved out a good life/ But I want more”

Both Fish Out Of Water and Bored feature on Attempt 3. You can purchase from iTunes (USA/ UK)



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