Devan: Liquid Sunshine EP Review


15th October 2021 saw Torontonian Devan Glover return with yet another exquisite EP and this being Liquid Sunshine. Comprising of 6 tunes this was a slice of indie pop at it’s best and her vibrant vocals were angelic. Anyhow I was introduced to Devan’s wondrous works earlier this year, she’s a sublime singer/ songwriter who never fails to immerse me. In fact the track which hooked me was Without You, this stunning single led myself to delve into the back catalogue and from that moment I was well and truly enchanted. Not only is Glover a superb solo act, she’s also a member of Wild Rivers and I’ve got nothing but praise for this tremendous trio. Actually next year will see Wild Rivers will embark on a European tour and this will back the upcoming LP Sidelines.

Liquid Sunshine is another perfect addition to the back catalogue, here you have six stellar songs which showcase Devan’s startling songwriting skills, she’s truly a talented individual and her flame is burning intensely. Well both Devan and Jack Emblem served as executive producers and this resulted in one enthralling end product. In fact Emblem has worked with Daniel Caesar, Diddy, and Johnny Orlando. Jack also mixed the EP, with mastering provided by Chris Gehringer (Justin Bieber, Andra Day, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, Sia).

The Liquid Sunshine EP opened up with Orchid, Glover actually unveiled the official music video to accompany this delightful mini album. Everything about this captivating cut was spot on, that mesmeric melody started with a gorgeous piano arrangement and progressed into a synth smothered treat, those lyrics radiated plenty of emotion whilst Devan’s tantalising tones were refreshingly beautiful. Orchid focused on feeling under valued in a relationship, I’m guessing there is a distance seperating them however the other half isn’t making as much of an effort (hence feeling under appreciated). Still this felt like Devan let her feelings pour out onto paper “Give me some quick fix/ So you can see my side”. Following on you had Feel Better and this being a literal ray of sunshine. I have nothing but love for this tune. Drenched in soulful vibes Feel Better was a gleaming gem, that marvelous melody was soothing on the ear, Glover’s delightful delivery was sumptuously sweet whilst those lyrics were heart warming. Basically these charming words described having a partner/ friend and you want to be their remedy when they are feeling low “I just wanna make you feel better/ Even though I know that there’s nothing to say/ You don’t have to hold it together/ Ride it out beside you like we’re catching a wave”. Still this mellowing tune was a masterpiece. nascar was an acoustic bop which enchated me on the very first listen, as it progressed this song transformed into something rather upbeat. Anyhow this was a sheer spectacle, Devan’s soulful tones reminded me of an early Adele (and Ariana Grande when the melody becomes more upbeat) and those lyrics painted the picture of a relationship where the burning flame is slowly dimming. Without You was an empowering anthem as it shows she’s standing strong and celebrating the fact she’s free of the toxicity from the past. Everything about it was fantastic, Glover’s buttery smooth vocals were beautiful, the whimsical melody was gentle whilst those words had all the feels. Lie was a thumping anthem which resulted in an immersive experience. Devan’s vocal tones oozed plenty of attitude whilst the lyrics had an emotional kicker. Basically it told the story of a relationship on the rocks, but the antagonist doesn’t want to accept things are deteriorating “Tell me a lie/ Sugar coat it, let me know we’ll be alright/ Tell me a lie/ Yeah I know we’re letting go, but hold me tight”. The curtain then closed with Lighter and this being a whimsical treat that’s pleasant on the ears. The first portion of this track was soft/ steady and Glover’s mesmeric tones were a breath of fresh air. No pun intended but it felt it was a track you could sway your lighters in the air. Nearing the end the vibes of Lighter morphed into an indie pop bop.

Liquid Sunshine is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Website


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