Skyler Cocco: Run Away Single Review


Skyler Cocco is a superb singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from New York City. Now she’s passionate individual who began writing and producing her own music at the age of 11, also she taught herself to play piano, guitar and bass. In fact Cocco’s debut came in 2017 and the year she dropped the 9 track mini album Reverie via Diverion Records. Seriously Skyler has the knack for penning impeccable originals. This exquisite effort was drenched in indie rock goodness and it’s extremely different when compared to the material she returned with in 2019.

So Skyler Cocco came out of the shadows in 2019 and the single on offer was Going Back and this being a feel good pop anthem aided by an bright/ breezy melody which uplifted my spirits. Anyhow since her return Cocco has dropped a further two singles and these being Let Go and Work. Skyler also featured on other singles throughout 2020.

10th July 2020 saw Skyler Cocco unleash her latest track and this being Run Away. This captivating cut was written and produced by Cocco and her long-time collaborator, Zach Miller. You also had the official music video which Skyler directed and produced, the editing was provided by Sam Schmitz and these visuals also featured pansexual pop artist and actor, Mike Taveira.

If I was to describe this tune in one word it would have to be enchanting. Run Away was a wondrous ballad, Cocco’s vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air, that melody emitted a dreaminess whilst those mesmeric lyrics told the super sweet story of falling in love, however Skyler has been plagued with heartache in the past which resulted in her putting her guards up “Maybe I’m all out of practice/ Maybe I’ve been hurt before/ The second I know/ That we’re getting too close/ I don’t want it anymore”. Regarding the official music video, these visuals were so sensual and when paired with the captivating content it resulted in something emotional.

Run Away is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website


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