Tally Spear: Oddball Single Review


10th July 2020 saw the impeccable singer/ songwriter Tally Spear return with Oddball. Independently released, this succulent single is yet another taster of what to expect from the debut self titled EP.

Born and raised in London, Spear is an exceptional individual who has plenty of passion running through her veins. She actually started to write her own material (Tally loved her poetry) at a young age. It was 2019 when she made her debut with Scatterbrain, it was this year when things were taken to another level. 2020 has seen the unveiling of singles of What Do I Want, Can’t Find What I’m Looking For and Already Gone, all of which shows she has a bright future ahead of her.

Aside from that I’ve had Oddball on constant repeat and I cannot help but lavish plenty of praise on the end product. This outstanding original was an anthemic pop masterpiece which enthralled me until the very end. Spear’s sumptuous vocals packed a punch, those addictive lyrics oozed gothic vibes “I’m an Oddball/ I’m a real lost cause/ You know I’ll never be like the ones before/ I’m an Oddball/ But you like me more” whilst that majestic melody had me envisioning Britney Spears (If U Seek Amy, Womanizer). These whimsical words were actually a celebration of Tally’s uniqueness.

Here is what Spear had to say about Oddball “If someone called me ‘weird’ when I was younger, I took it as a compliment, not an insult, and I try to hold onto this mentality as an adult. ‘Oddball’ takes inspiration from being different or ‘strange,’ and celebrates it”.

Oddball is available from iTunes

Official Website

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