Sheyi: Stronger Single Review


30th June 2020 saw London based singer/ songwriter Sheyi independently unveiled her debut single Stronger. Even though this superb song was written a few years ago it finally saw the light of day and the timing cannot be more poignant. Anyhow I’ve had this tremendous track on constant rotation and and I cannot help but lavish plenty of praise onto the end product. Everything about this compelling cut was spot on, her sumptuous vocal tones resonated plenty of soulful goodness, the lyrical content was rather empowering and then you had a key board melody which I found to be rather soothing. This pandemic has created a whole new set of fears, whilst the figures are going down the feeling of anxiety over this uncertain time remains. Basically the message Stronger is conveying is that we’ll eventually overcome our fears and come back stronger.

The very same day saw the accompanying music video appear on  YouTube and this emotionally charged footage saw Sheyi’s friends display there own fears. Now this clip was perfectly edited by Adam Galwas and Sheyi’s band mate Matt Sixdof mixed the sound. Still this heartwarming video and beautiful track was incredibly uplifting, this situation may seem like the end of the world but Stronger tells me that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll overcome it.

Well here is what Sheyi had to say  “Stronger is my conversation with fear. It is me saying what I want to say to fear and finding a way to not let it control me. The idea for the video came from my me and my husband! I wanted people to show me their fears as well, so I asked my friends to send me a 10-second video of their written down fears. The video editor put them all together really well, and so that first image you see is really powerful It was amazing having all the support from friends and getting them involved. I then decided to sing in front of a wall of fears which also worked really well in the video”.

Aside from this single, plenty of passion for music runs through Sheyi’s veins, at the age of 15 she started to pen her material and wanted to use her voice to make a difference in the world and tackle topics that matter. Sheyi was actually given the chance to work with David and Carrie Grant, whom helped her out with her early writing and remain an important part of her musical journey. Also she’s one half of the electronic duo called Clap and Thunder, here she uses her voice to move people, hoping her message will resonate with people across the globe.

Stronger is available from iTunes


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