Daily Dig: Presley Tennant

Presley Tennant is the new rising star of IMCG Productions/Shi Records. Tennant comes all the way from Los Angeles and she’s a superb singer/ songwriter/ dancer who already has a trio of tasty tracks to her name. What astounds me the most is the fact she’s only 15 years old, Tennant is a gifted individual and she’s also an inspiration to young teens through her song lyrics. Back in October Presley unveiled her third single and this being BFF . The song itself is incredible but I’m going to take things back to the start.

Presley is a passionate singer whom started performing on a regular basis at the age of 10. These performances of popular covers were then uploaded to her own YouTube page back in 2012. The channel itself is basically a time capsule as you have multiple performances of Tennant when she was 10 and then there is when she sang the National Anthem at the Staples Center at the age of 13.

Presley shot to fame on the lip syncing and video sharing app musical.ly under the name presley_tennant, posting short song covers, dance videos, and the occasional lip sync for her 370,000 fans. Last year has seen Tennant perform at a variety of venues which include VidCon 2016 on the Musical.ly Stage and the Kia Stage, Staples Center halftime show in front of 15,000 kids (twice), LA Live ESPN, Charles Schultz Theatre at Knott’s Berry Farm in front of 2000 kids, National Cheer/Dance Competition for Sharp International in Las Vegas, Orange County Fair and LA Dance Magic – Nationals. Also Presley was selected as an Ambassador for Young Women with the LA Sparks WNBA and attended several events promoting growth & confidence amongst her peers.

It was June 2016 when Tennant made her debut on the music scene. Sometimes being an Independent artist can be tough but when you have both passion and fans who dig your music you will succeed. The single in question being #OOTD or if you’re not good at anagrams it’s Outfit Of The Day. Now this infectious ear worm was basically in your face pop. The melody was fast in pace and there were tinges of dub step. Then you had Tennant’s super sassy rapped sticky sweet vocal tones which had me picturing Ke$ha.

Later that month Presley followed up the glorious OOTD with the fizzy Soda Pop. I have nothing but praise for this whimsical tune. The lyrics were pure perfection and then you had Tennant’s vibrant vocals which sent shivers up my spine. Just like Outfit Of The Day the rapped portion had me envisionong Ke$ha during the Animal era. Bundles of attitude flowed from this feel good number and this resulted in something incredibly mesmerising.

3rd October 2017 saw the impressive Presley Tennant unleash her third single and this being BFF. Yet again Tennant collaborated with writer Well Written and the end product resulted in something rather epic. Now BFF was a super sassy jam with contagious lyrics which revolved around Presley’s Best Fake Friend “It started all good/ It was all fun and games/ You took the match and lit it up/ And now it’s in flames/ Thought we were cool/ But you didn’t feel the same/ Said it was me, when it was you/ Threw dirt on my name/ It’s a shame/ What you do/ You built a bridge of lies/ And made them sound like they were all true/ I’m gonna push, push right through/ All the talk that’s going round and round/ But I don’t need you”. I was bowled over on my first play of this tantalising track. Those lyrics were compelling, Tennant’s vivacious vocals hit me like a full on force and then you had the insatiable melody which was packed with plenty of synth goodness. Also from watching the enthralling BFF music video I’m getting major Britney Spears – Baby One More Time vibes.

These singles can be purchased from iTunes


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