Kayla Diamond: Beautiful Chaos EP Review


Kayla Diamond is a wondrous singer/ songstress who comes all the way from Toronto, Canada. Actually it was fate that got in the way as Diamond was supposed to be a lawyer. Way back in 2015 she won Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot Contest with her original Crazy. This resulted in her landing a recording contract with Cadence Music. During those two years she’s gone onto release three exceptional singles and these being Carnival Hearts, Young Stupid Love and most recently What You’re Made Of.

Well 24th November saw Diamond unveil he dazzling Beautiful Chaos via Cadence Music. This exquisite debut EP compromised of 6 stunning songs which showcased Kayla’s gorgeous vocals and her sublime songwriting skills. This impeccable mini album opened up with the debut single and this being Carnival Hearts. Everything about this tasty tune was utter perfection, those delightful lyrics had me hooked and then you had Diamond’s sweet sounding vocal tones. Oozing plenty of upbeat pop vibes this sumptuous song never fails to make me smile. The chorus made me think of Lucy Spraggan’s song Lighthouse (Lucy participated in The X Factor here in the United Kingdom) “In this abandoned amusement park/ We come to life/ When it turns dark/ We’re just Carnival Hearts/ You & me/ In a swirl of flashing lights/ We’re the lost ones in the night/ Got our fingers intertwined/ Wild & free” whilst those fun fueled verses were super sassy. Out of the 6 featured tracks only 2 were brand spanking new and the first came in the form of America’s Sweetheart. One word for this would be enchanting, Diamond’s candy coated vocals were rather unique and then you had those captivating lyrics. I really liked the fact I could picture the story within my minds eye. America’s Sweetheart had me picturing an actress (America’s Sweetheart) and despite the fact everyone loves her she cannot see what everyone else sees “There’s a standing ovation/ Coz she stole the scene/ Everyone is loving her/ But she can’t love herself/ And the flames are taking over/ It’s like walking through hell/ She’s America’s Sweetheart/ But her heart is bittersweet/ There’s nothing but darkness/ Can barely stand on two feet”. Next up was the latest Kayla Diamond single and this being What You’re Made Of. This tantalising track is an ode to growing up and moving away from family. I adored this captivating cut, Diamond’s vibrant vocals were so smooth/ entrancing and then you had those well written lyrics which left me with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. The lyrics conveyed the uplifting message that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, if you really want something go and grab it with both hands “Show them What You’re Made Of/ You were meant to be someone”. All On Me was a breathtaking song aided by lyrics which detailed a relationship breakdown “You said I love you/ In the back bay of Boston/ But it all went wrong/ And baby we lost it/ I never felt that way before/ You brought it out in me/ I loved you with all my heart/ And sometimes I still lose sleep”. Basically this majestical synthy track was an epic anthem which had been drenched in plenty of sadness. Those lyrics left me enthralled then you had Diamond’s velvety smooth vocals which drew me in. Plenty of sassy vibes resonated from the upbeat chorus “It’s not your fault/ It’s All On Me/ I pretended you were someone/ I wanted you to be/ Just my imagination/ I created something that I painted in my mind/ It’s All On Me/ I pretended you were someone/ I wanted you to be/ Just my imagination/ I created something that I painted in my mind/ It’s All On Me/ It was all in my mind/ But it’s not your fault/ It’s All On Me”. Once over it was time for the 2nd single and this being Young Stupid Love. This delightful number radiated plenty of anthem esque vibes. Kayla’s vivacious vocals were smooth/ refreshing “We are Young, Stupid and in Love/ Let’s unravel, let’s come undone” whilst those glorious verses packed a fierce punch. Actually Diamond’s vocals during the verses had me picturing Lynn Gunn from the band Pvris. I adored this impeccable jam and if I was to sum it up in one word it would have to be MESMERISING. Things then come to a close with Crazy. Now this outstanding original won Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot Contest in 2015 and I for one am glad it made the EP cut. Just like All On Me this beautiful tune is smothered in plenty of sadness. Basically this sweet tune has me picturing forbidden love, basically this girl has feelings for a guy who already has a partner  “Coz I’m Crazy/ For you baby/ I crave your lips on my skin/ And my chest pumps from within/ You always want what you cant have/ And babe I need you so bad/ I never tell you the truth/ But baby, I’m in love with you”. Kayla Diamond’s vocals were richly sweet and at the same time I was left completely spellbound. There is a glimmer of happiness towards the end, the guy is back on the market but this love was merely lust. The girl told the guy how she felt but she only wanted what she couldn’t have. There were two additional tunes and this being Carnival Hearts (Radio Mix) and What You’re Made Of (Vintage Version) which capped off one hell of a debut EP.

In summary Kayla Diamond is an exquisite talent who has the ability to write such wondrous songs. All the tunes featured are phenomenal and picking a favourite is a hard task. The one that has the slight edge though is the joyous Carnival Hearts and it was an utter pleasure to hear the studio recording of Crazy. The remaining two singles Young Stupid Love and What You’re Made Of are extraordinary as well. Then we get to the new numbers, both America’s Sweetheart and All On Me were right gems leaving me anticipating hearing more outstanding originals in the near future.

Beautiful Chaos is available to purchase from iTunes (UK/ US)

Official Website


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