Whitney Tai: Shockwave/ How Was I Supposed To Know/ Grow Single Review


When I last left Whitney Tai she had just unveiled the extraordinary Good At Being Bad. Now this delightful single was written and produced by both Whitney and Billboard charting Producer, Spencer Garn at Diamond Street Studios in Atlanta. Actually the lyrics had a Bonnie and Clyde feel to them.

Anyways Whitney Tai is a superb Independent singer/ songwriter all the way from New York City. At this moment she had a handful of delectable singles underneath her belt plus Tai even has the exquisite Metamorphosis EP which dropped in 2015.

Aside from that Whitney’s recent single actually came in the form of an EP. Shockwave was yet another collaboration with Sunfreakz and the results were extraordinary. This number was dance infused and packed with plenty of hypnotic electronic beats. Whitney Tai’s glistening vocal tones were incredibly refreshing and then you had the lyrics which embedded themselves into my brain “Gimme all you got/ Gimme all you got babe/ Hit me with the shock/ Hit me with with Shockwave”. This whole production actually made me envision English electropop singer/ songwriter/ DJ Little Boots. Then you had the sultry music video which was packed with plenty of gorgeous visuals. This glorious track is perfect for any Summer playlist.

How Was I Supposed To Know came out on 20th July 2017 and this being a beautiful slice of dreamy pop. Now I found this charming single to be whimsical ballad, the piano driven melody was extremely chilled out whist Tai’s crisp vocals were angelic. Also you had a strings section added in for good measure. Everything about this succulent single was pure perfection and those mellowing lyrics had me hooked from the get go “How Was I Supposed To Know?/ The ways we’d grow in love/ How Was I Supposed To Know?/ The ways we’d grow in love”. Then you had the black and white music video which had amazing visuals. If I was to sum up How Was I Supposed To Know in one word it would have to be breathtaking.

Grow found its way onto iTunes on 11th July 2017 and it saw Tai team up with Spencer Garn of Diamond Street Studios in Atlanta yet again. The slow paced opening was rather sleek and there was a smokiness to Whitney’s flawless vocals. Then moments later the drums came in which created a groovy disco infused number which can quite easily have you moving on the spot. Tai has gone onto say that “Grow is a lyrical underpinning for our modern day generation experiencing pain or discrimination in any way, shape or form. It is a message to everyone that if they focus on love and don’t dare to look down, they can grow again”. Those luscious lyrics were so addictive and Whitney’s velvety smooth vocals left me compelled. Last week Whitney Tai revealed a lyric video for Grow and I found parts of it to be rather trippy.

These three impeccable singles can be purchased via iTunes (US/ UK)

Official Site

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