Kelvin Frazier: Marked And Scarred Single Review


Kelvin Frazier is a terrific talent all the way from Savannah, Georgia. Marked And Scarred serves as Frazier’s debut offering and OMG it’s literally amazing. This succulent single is drenched with plenty of soulful R&B goodness and Frazier’s entrancing vocal tones were buttery smooth. The mesmerising Marked And Scarred is a chilled out track which is extremely pleasant on the ear.

I was captivated the moment I heard this wondrous cut, those well written lyrics left me utterly enthralled and Frazier’s vibrant vocals were incredibly relaxing. In fact Marked And Scarred is an emotional R&B tinged ballad with lyrics which focus on the loss of a loved one “This hole in my heart/ Where your love used to be/ I don’t understand how or why/ But I ain’t gotta face reality/ They say in time you’ll heal/ I wonder if that’s the truth”. With words like that makes you think either that the loss is a break up or a death.

Kelvin isn’t just an incredible musician, he’s also a chemist, professor, consultant and entrepreneur. Also Frazier has a Ph D in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . Now based in Los Angeles, Kelvin is the only musician that I know with the Ph D title at the end of his name.

Aside from that Kelvin Frazier is an intriguing individual and I for one cannot wait to hear more impeccable originals from him in the future. In fact Kelvin plans to release an EP this Autumn.

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