Alke: All Night Single Review


Coming all the way you have Los Angeles pop duo Alke who comprimise of Jameson Flood (production, guitar, keys) and A.K Karrasch (vocals). They met way back in 2015 and made their emergence in 2016 and the songs they had on offer were both Indigo and Ruthless.

The infectious All Night is the brand new single from Alke and as expected it’s a dreamy delight. Anyhow this single impresses me greatly, the whole production from Jameson is utter perfection and AK’s sugary sweet vocal tones were a tad husky/ fragile. Well this tempting treat was spellbinding synth pop at its best.

This shimmering song was written about love’s ability to change one’s perception and outlook on life. Here is what Karrasch had to say “Love breeds hope and gives peace of mind even when we’re in pain, and we wanted to convey that”.

Alke have also unleashed the official music video to accompany this tantalising tune. This wondrous short production is a beautiful masterpiece which takes place in a hospital. There were dashes of humour as AK is a patient and has fun with her teddy bear while roaming the hospital wards. The doctor then confiscates the bear and Karrasch then embarks on a rescue mission. Just from watching it shows that love can be present everywhere even when you’re isolated and all alone.

This delictable duo are packed full of promise and I for one cannot wait to hear more outstanding originals this Autumn

Official Website

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