Daily Dig: Lynn

At only 18 years old, Lynn is a tantalising talent who not only has the voice of an angel but she also pens her own material. Music is something Lynn is extremely passionate about, when Lynn was 5 years old she was gracing stages and 4 years later she was jotting lyrics in a notepad wherever she went. At high school she had a little trouble fitting into established cliques turning to music as her escape. With no fewer than 4 piano teachers fighting a losing battle against the youngsters ADHD, Lynn had already gained enough confidence on the instrument on her own via trial and error. Here is what Lynn had to say “It became a habit that any time I felt upset or mad about something that happened to me I would just put it in a song”.

August 2016 saw the release of the debut single Can’t Let Go. At the time Lynn was only 17 years of age and she co wrote this fantastic song. Fast forward to 2017, Lynn has just unveiled her 4th single Paradise and it’s a right belter. Independently released this catchy jam was written and composed by both Lynn and Boris Muzychuk and produced by Yoad Nevo (who is famous for his work with Sia, Moby, and Sophie Ellis Bextor to name but a few) at Nevo Sound Studios in London.

I cannot praise this delightful song enough. Paradise is a summery power pop anthem aided by contagious punchy lyrics and Lynn’s refreshing candy coated vocals. This entrancing cut is a well written piece of perfection and those tasty uplifting lyrics convey the message that you should live life to the fullest “Sun goes down but there’s a light you see/ There are no rules in this world/ Just fall in love with your life/ Coz having fun’s not a crime”. I adored the punchy anthem esque chorus “It’s Paradise don’t you know/ Don’t be scared, just let go/ So lets go/ So lets go/ Live our lives/ Just let go/ It’s Paradise”. 

June 2017 saw Lynn make her 3rd offering and this came in the shape of I Used To Cry. Now this hypnotising song was solely written by Lynn and those luscious lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Now this was a beautiful ballad which delivered a powerful message. Those exquisite lyrics are incredibly inspiring as they basically tell us not to succumb to the pitfuls of verbal bullying “Well I used to cry and my father lied/ Told me I’m strong/ Broke his heart to know that I had to grow/ Feeling alone/ Had to grow new skin letting no one in/ It was all too much/ It was all too much”. Yes words can be hurtful but don’t let them get you down, you’re unique so just be true to who you are.

Rise High was Lynn’s sophomore single. Independently release this mesmerising cut came out March 2017. Now Lynn wrote this with Yoad Nevo and it’s yet again another anthem esque number aided by addictive upbeat lyrics and Lynn’s gentle sugary sweet vocal delivery. Whilst this smooth track is perfectly pop, the edgy chorus does radiate plenty of rock vibes “Rise high, stay low/ I don’t really wanna to know/ Quick cheat break slow/ I can’t take it anymore/ Rise high stay low/ Quick cheat break slow/ I can’t take it anymore, oh no/ I can’t take it anymore, oh no, oh no”.

Exactly a year ago Lynn made her debut with the dazzling Can’t Let Go. She was in fact 17 years old when this tantalising tune came out and the official music video sees her display bundles of maturity. Anyways Can’t Let Go was an utter piece of perfection, the melody was blissful, the hypnotic lyrics had me enthralled then you had Lynn’s enchanting vocals which oozed sleek RnB vibes. This captivating cut came out on the Labeleh Records imprint and her songwriting abilities show that she’s got bundles of potential.

You can purchase material from Lynn via iTunes

Official Website


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