Hannah Featherstone: Solo Single Review


Born in the England but raised in France is exciting prospect Hannah Featherstone and recently she’s independently released her debut single Solo. This enthralling tune is a wondrous concoction of Jazz meets Pop and those pristine lyrics are both infectious and upbeat “I am dancing with my feet stuck to the ground/ I am shuffling as my heels drag me around/ It takes two to tango/ So for a while/ I’ll be dancing Solo/ With you in mind”. Hannah’s delectable vocal tones were extremely sultry and her lyricism is a work of art as the toe tapping Solo left me mesmerised.

Hannah Featherstone has collaborated on this recording with young French electro musician, Estienne Rylle. His approach to sound production provided her with a minimalist backdrop which hightlighted the raw presence of her voice. Hannah and Estienne teamed up with visual artist, Noemie Daval, to create a soft but dynamic music video.

From an early age, she studied classical piano and performed as a singer in gospel choirs. Featherstone later extended the character of her voice by enlarging her repertoire through improvisation in jazz, world and instrumental music.

Hannah currently lives in Paris and she’s making her mark in the French music scene, playing in iconic venues such as the Olympia, le Parvis de Notre-Dame de Paris et du Sacré Coeur, la Bellevilloise, le zèbre de Belleville. Her collaborations with artists from Holland, Germany and Greece have enabled her to develop a European following.

Hannah Featherstone actually debuted as Hannah Clair in 2011 and released her very first album Comfort Zone. This sensational LP compromised of 13 tasty tracks and live versions of Comfort Zone, Knocking On My Door and That Kind Of Love can be found on her YouTube channel.

Solo is available to purchase from iTunes and the untitled debut Hannah Featherstone LP is out later this year

Official Website


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