Cherryade @ The Islington 22nd June 2017


Performing at Abi McCarthy’s Good Karma Club was the superb Cherryade, this talented two piece consist of childhood friends Alex and Ella. Having been hooked the likes of The Crown, Houdini and Get By made this a gig that wasn’t mean to be missed.

This sumptuous set kicked off with debut single The Crown. Now this sensational song was pure bubble gum pop which can quite easily have you dancing on the spot. Ella’s vocals were sugary sweet and those infectious lyrics packed a punch “If you’re looking for trouble, then she’ll bring you down/ Because it’s all about The Crown out here in this town”. In fact the performance reminded me of a cross between Girli and MissDefiant. “This is our first London gig” Ella said before Alex introduced the next song as Fractured Fairytales. Now this was a fierce pop jam which name checked fairytales such as the Tinman from The Wizard Of Oz, Humpty Dumpty, Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio to name but a few. Actually some of those lyrics were explict “Grows up in the garden/ Sorry what, I beg your pardon/ You’re a dirty little whore/ Jack don’t climb that stalk no more/ He said he’ll love me ever after/ If I call work and call him master/ I said fuck that bitch I’m done/ Then I … with my …”. This was an impeccable number which resonated bundles of energy, you just feel obliged to jump along to those thumping beats.


Following on was No One, this was a captivating new cut which has me relishing the future Cherryade material. Everything about this tune was spot on, both Ella’s and Alex’s vocals blended together perfectly and then you had those well written lyrics which left me utterly enthralled “Play those games you wanna play/ I do need nobody/ Keep on doing what I say/ I don’t need nobody/ I don’t need No One/ I don’t need No One/ I don’t need no/ Need No One”. Those succulent verses were incredibly vibrant and at the same time the performance had me envisioning Girli’s Girl I Met On The Internet. “This song’s for anyone who doesn’t know the words” Ella said before they both embarked onto Blah Blah. This was a fresh and funky pop anthem packed with contagious lyrics and Ella’s hypnotising vocals. I cannot wait to hear the studio version of this enticing song.


“This next song is dedicated to all our successful independent gold diggers out there” Alex mentioned to the audience before they went straight into another newie and this being Trophy Wife. One word for this tantalising track would be wow, everything about Trophy Wife was sheer perfection. Ella’s lead vocals and Alex’s harmonising oozed bundles of energy, then you had those luscious punchy lyrics which left me utterly mesmerised “Hey kids/ Let’s get drunk tonight/ Don’t worry about money/ I’m a Trophy Wife” and finally I really liked the dance routine. The final new song of the evening was My Town, this enchanting song was a full on fast paced romp aided by sparkly fierce vocals and spellbinding lyrics which had me hooked from the word go. Anthem Theresa May (B******t) then capped off one sensational set. Those lyrics were incredibly quirky and then you had the whimsical candy coated vocals which flowed plenty of punk pop vibes.


The Crown
Fractured Fairytales
No One
Blah Blah
Trophy Wife
My Town
Theresa May (B******t)

OVERALL: I cannot praise Cherryade enough, both Alex and Ella are onto a good thing here and it’s surprising they don’t have a major record label backing them. They’ve already worked with the legendary Ant Whiting (M.I.A., John Newman), Lewis Gardiner (PRIDES, KLOE), Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX, MNEK) and Shaun Canning (Atom Tree).

What they showcased was 7 superb songs which leaves me relishing a debut EP at some point in the future. Those glitzy new songs were incredible and it shows that they both have a gift for writing absolute belters. As for the performance they were both so energetic which then resulted in a fun fueled set.

I literally cannot wait to see Cherryade perform live again.


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