Inanna: Nefertiti XXI Single Review

Inanna is the brand new project from Italian bellydancer/ singer Annalisa Dunker. 22nd May 2019 saw her make her debut with powerful pop anthem Nefertiti XXI and it’s literally a phenomenal piece of perfection which hooks me every single time.

Now based in Los Angeles, this brand new chapter in Annalisa’s journey leaves me thoroughly impressed and anticipating hearing more outstanding originals in the nearby future. Inanna is in fact an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power.

Born in Italy, this sublime singer is no stranger to this musical world. Between the years 2000 to 2011 Inanna was the lead singer for several Italian and Spanish bands. When she moved to Barcelona, she became the lead singer for alternative rock band A Little Boy Lost. They released debut LP Here Somewhere in 2010, I even managed to track down a stream and it was an entrancing piece of perfection. Those vocals were soft whilst the instrumentation gave the tunes that extra edge.

It was in 2012 when Anna Lee decided to go solo with the help and direction of Nock Music. Four years later Anna Lee unveiled debut LP Electro Renaissance, this released spawned the single Dancing. 2017 then saw the re release of the debut LP with the only difference being Dancing 2.0 and you also had the Origin EP which comprised of the likes of Origin, Flame Under Water and The Leopard & The Horse.

We then come back to the single in question, the exquisite Nefertiti XXI is a mesmeric cut. Annalisa’s vibrant vocals were enchanting and that impeccable instrumentation created something rather atmospheric. Plus you had Middle Eastern influences added into the mix.

This succulent single was written by Inanna and produced by Joshua F. Williams, what we have here is a compelling gem which has been delivered to perfection. Those verses were sleek and then there was that captivating chorus which packed a fierce punch “This cyber goddess/ All clay and screens/ Decoding futures/ Like a female king/ This cyber goddess/ All clay and screens/ Decoding futures/ Brand new Nefertiti/ Her revolution/ To mend and heal/ Composing futures/ Made of dreams and will/ This cyber goddess/ All clay and screens/ Decoding futures/ Brand new Nefertiti”.

Actually these wondrous words formed an uplifting/ hopeful message of unity, femininity, and nurturing for our wounded planet. Inanna has also gone on to say “If Mother Nature had a voice, what would she sing?”.

Anyhow this sheer epic was a mesmeric slice of sheer bliss, those sugary sweet vocals were incredibly enchanting whilst those lyrics were uber contagious. What Dunker has here is an utter cracker which leaves me relishing hearing more from this brand new project.

This exhilarating track is lifted from the forthcoming debut EP Where We Belong. The debut LP Acrotopia will then drop in the Autumn/ Fall. Both releases are dedicated to all futurists, visionaries, nature lovers, to all women seeking for new ways of being feminine in contemporary society, and to all alternative music lovers with a green heart.

Nefertiti XXI is available from iTunes

Official Site

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