Faith Evans Ruch: Lessons In Falling Album Review

Faith Evans Ruch comes all the way from Memphis, Tennessee and 13th October saw the unveiling of sophomore LP Lessons In Falling. At this moment in time this 10 track record has spawned three singles which showcased Ruch’s spectacular songwriting skills.

At an early age Faith was charmed by the evocative nature of even the smallest lyrical line or chord. Though she dreamed of playing guitar, she only briefly took piano lessons and mostly confined her artistic expression to private poetry. But just one year into her nursing career, a growing fire inside of her led Ruch to revisit that dream. It was the Summer of 2011 when she decided to give into her muse, pick up a guitar and pour her heart out.

Two years later Faith independently released her debut album 1835 Madison which is a charming effort smothered in plenty of country/ folk vibes. A year later Faith Evans Ruch was back with the After It’s Said & Done EP which compromised of 6 tasty tracks.

Fast forward to 2017 and Faith is back with brand new music. Yet again Faith teamed up with her trusted producer Kevin Houston and drummer/songwriter Ryan Peel as co-producer to inject a pop, R&B and hip-hop influence. Lessons In Falling was recorded at Royal Studio, Jim Dickinson’s Zebra Ranch and Music+Arts Studio between December of 2015 and April of 2017. This sophomore LP is Faith’s most vulnerable to date, also it was written during a tough break-up from a serious relationship and a life-threatening battle with meningitis.

I’ve listened to this exquisite album and if you’re a fan on the Americana/ county genre then you’ll adore Lessons In Falling. Things kicked off with the uplifting I’m Yours and this was a catchy piece of perfection. Released as a single earlier this year, this delightful number left me completely enthralled. The sensational lyrics had me smiling from beginning to end. Also Faith’s warble actually had me picturing Dolly Parton. Next featured was the slow paced Beg For Mercy, this slick song radiated plenty of blues/ jazz vibes and there was even a smokiness to Ruch’s superb vocal tones. Sunny Side was a charming number aided by Faith’s distinctive vocals and light lyrics which were pleasant on my ear. Sugar was given the single treatment earlier last year and this tune was a right epic. This wondrous cut was a swooning piece of R&B/ soul and I was left utterly captivated. Faith’s vocals were buttery smooth and these left me utterly spellbound. Track 5 came in the form of This Cold. Now this was a stellar track which was packed with entrancing lyrics and Ruch’s powerful vocal tones. Stupid Boy is an impressive cut, those sumptuous lyrics reeled me in and Faith’s sparkling vocals were Lana Del Rey esque. The backing singers also added that special something. Blood From A Stone was literally a rollercoaster ride and those luscious lyrics tell you that Faith is someone you shouldn’t mess with. Rock Me Slow was a slow paced soulful ballad along with a beautiful acoustic melody which had me swaying from side to side. Next up it’s time for Bang Bang and this being Faith’s own interpretation of Nancy Sinatra. She pulled this off at ease, the vocals were so smokey and the updated arrangement was extraordinary. Thie curtain then closes end with Thank You. This compelling song oozed plenty of soulful country vibes which left me in an utter trance. From listening I’m left with a feeling of warmth deep inside.

Lessons In Falling is available via iTunes and the Official Website

OVERALL: I came into this with a new pair of ears and left with a desire to hear more. Lessons In Falling is an impeccable album which showcased Faith’s superb songwriting skills. Featuring 9 originals and 1 cover this LP was an enchanting piece of perfection.  Having gone through the back catalogue Ruch does have something so special, if you adore the Americana/ country/ folk genres then you’ll fall in love with the material she has underneath her belt.

Whilst I adore the debut 1835 Madison LP and EP After It’s Said & Done, Lessons In Falling has to be my favourite so far. Every single track is ever so exquisite, my highlights had to be I’m Yours, Stupid Boy and Thank You. Also Ruch’s interpretation of Bang Bang was astounding.

I definitely look forward to hearing more from Faith in the future.

Official Website


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