Sluka: Rise Single Review @slukamusic


Rise is the latest song to be taken from Sluka’s album Colorful Radiation. Written, Performed, and Recorded by Christopher Sluka this succulent single is the perfect piece of indie rock. Everything about this number was on point, the marvelous melody was upbeat and then you had the catchy lyrics which reeled me in.

This single was my introduction to Christopher  and I must say I’m greatly impressed. I could also pick up on psychedelic vibes plus Sluka’s distinctive vocals reminded me of an early David Bowie. His debut album Emotional Battlefield was released way back in 1989!!! 28 years on he’s back with this 11th LP.

The official music video shows Sluka’s take on the American political landscape. It also captures the emotional strength within the chorus scene by scene. Christoper is even seen empowering a crowd which includes all genders, races, and cultures, in a scene that could be taken right from images of a peaceful protest.

Having heard this enthralling cut I then had a quick listen to the Colorful Radiation LP and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Christopher Sluka is an interesting individual who has a gift for writing spectacular songs. Also I’m digging the Bowie esque vocal tones.

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