Cami Petyn: Tired Single Review


Coming all the way from Los Angeles, you have sublime independent singer/ songwriter Cami Petyn. She’s a formidable talent who already has 6 singles underneath her belt, the most recent being Tired which dropped 2nd April 2021. Anyhow it was January 2020 when Petyn made her musical emergence, the song in question being Static and this being a blistering slice of pop which had myself envisioning Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine). Throughout 2020 Cami went on to unleash a further 4 tracks, these being Dissolve, Still, Is It Me? and No Sleep, all of which showed she is a force to be reckoned with. Also Petyn’s gorgeous vocal tones literally sent shivers down my spine. Aside from the music Cami is also a YouTuber where she uploads original compositions, compelling covers, vlogs and reactions. She started her very own channel August 2014 and as of 2021 Petyn has amassed 496k of subscribers which is an insane number. Now I live in the United Kingdom, if you put all those 496k subscribers together that would amount to 5 sold out Wembley Stadium’s with an additional 46k worth of people on top of that.

Now I’m new to everything Cami related, having listened to the back catalogue left me thoroughly invested and I can tell she has an extremely exciting future ahead of her. Well the tantalising Tired was written alongside Ben Cohen and it’s an addictive treat which tantalised the taste buds. I’ve listened to Tired multiple times and I must lavish lots of praise onto the end product. Perfectly pop, this was a captivating cut which enthralled me on the very first listen. Everything about this gleaming gem was spot on, the marvellous melody packed a punch, Petyn’s vocals were a breath of fresh which left me picturing Billie Eilish/ Regina Spektor whilst the relatable lyrical content tapped into insecurities/ anxiety. The pre chorus “I’m so tired of feeling so much/ I’m so tired/ I’m so tired, I’ve had enough/ I’ve had enough” could either be referencing over thinking or the current pandemic plus she mentions how you’ll reach your turning point so you’ll be able to go back home.

Finally 2nd April saw the YouTube premiere of the official music video and this being a perfectly produced epic which enthralled me till the very end. Aside from that Cami Petyn has serious talent and I for one cannot wait to hear what she comes up with next.

Tired is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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