Michelle Creber: Like It Never Happened Single Review

1st May 2020 will see the one and only Michelle Creber unveil her latest record Storm to the world. So far this exquisite album has produced 2 impeccable singles, these being Storm and False Empire. Both of these outstanding originals intensifies the desire for this thrilling full length to be in my hands. Anyhow 17th April 2020 saw Creber unveil yet another single and this being Like It Never Happened, I’ve listened to the track multiple times and all I can say is WOW.

Well my thoughts regarding this sumptuous single are extremely positive. What Michelle has here is an enchanting piano ballad that’s been penned to perfection. That beautiful piano melody was extremely soothing, Creber’s vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air whilst those lyrics emitted bundles of emotion. In fact these words focused on breaking up with the one you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. Basically even though they’ve parted, the girl still has residual feelings but she knows she can’t have him “Thought I let go/ Thought I’d moved on/ But I miss you, in truth/ Hope you miss me too”. This along with wanting to erase the boy from her life (Like It Never Happened) is most likely down to the fact it hurts like hell when you know you cannot have something you want.

Aside from that Michelle Creber is a talented Canadian who has a burning passion for music. Not only is she superb singer/ songwriter but Michelle can also add both actress and dancer to her resume. Whist she has a host of voice over credits/ theatre credits to her name, Creber is most notable for her voice over work for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV Series. Not only did she provide the voice for Applejack’s sister Apple Bloom, Michelle also provided the singing voice of Rarity’s sister Sweetie Belle during seasons 1 to 3.

Like It Never Happened is available from iTunes (USA/ UK) or Bandcamp

You can pre order Michelle’s Storm from HERE

Official Website



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