DYGL: Spit It Out/ A Paper Dream/ Bad Kicks Single Review


Exciting export DYGL (pronounced Dayglo) are an intriguing indie quartet who come all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Way back in 2012 DYGL started life as a trio of Nobuki Akiyama, Yosuke Shimonaka and Kohei Kamoto “When we started it was quite punk, without any melodies – just playing hard and shouting. It wasn’t really based on our influences”. A couple of years down the line bassist Yotaro Kachi then made this tantalising trio a fantastic four piece.

Having graduated from The Circle (after college music club) the band then decided to make the move to Los Angeles. Here is what lead vocalist Nobuki Akiyama had to say “We didn’t have any contacts out there, we didn’t have any record label, we were doing everything ourselves. But eventually we started making friends, and when we went to New York, we found we had some kind of connection with [The Strokes’ guitarist] Albert Hammond Jr through a mutual friend who was working for him in Japan. He introduced us and Albert ended up recording our first album”.

Signed to Hard Enough this impeccable band made their debut in 2016 with the exceptional Don’t Know Where It Is EP, this 5 track release spawned the single Let It Sway. Over the space of 3 years DYGL dropped a further 5 singles 2 of which were lifted from debut LP Say Goodbye To Memory. The remaining 3 were taking from the upcoming sophomore Songs Of Innocence & Experience which is scheduled to drop this July. Now that superb sophomore will consist of 10 tracks and it will feature singles Bad Kicks, A Paper Dream and Spit It Out.

Spit It Out: Released 31st May 2019 this exceptional tune was fuzzy indie rock which put me in an utter trance. Those infectious lyrics actually addressed the idea of battling societal norms whilst those vibrant vocals oozed punkish vibes reminiscent to The Sex Pistols

Akiyama had this to say about the single “Spit It Out’ stands for the idea of saying whatever you want. In Japan, so many people have started to be more conservative over these past few years. Talking about politics and sexuality and these kinds of things is sometimes offensive to Japanese society, so people try to be quiet but it’s really stressful for everyone. These lyrics are based on that: to say what you want to say if you think it’s important”. 

A Paper Dream: 6th March 2019 saw DYGL unleash the exquisite A Paper Dream, this tempting treat served as a taster of what to expect from the band in the nearby future. Well this compelling cut was my introduction to the band and I was thoroughly impressed with what my ears were hearing. Now the contagious A Paper Dream was pure indie bliss and that slick melody/ compelling lyrics were reminiscent to the likes of Razorlight, The Libertines and The Cribs. This gleaming gem was produced by Rory Attwell and those perfectly penned lyrics formed a shoegazed indie pop anthem. Just hearing this dazzling delight has me tapping my toe all throughout, plus I cannot help but smile to those wondrous lyrics.

Here is what Nobuki had to say in regards to this succulent single “A Paper Dream’ is about the fond memories you get when listening to music from your youth. Your feelings for the songs might change a bit over time, but still the music you’ve liked always gives you some perspective on life, which always makes you feel like dancing by yourself. This is the whole image of time and youth I guess everyone goes through”.

Bad Kicks: This terrific tune came out 28th February 2018 and it was the first taste of brand new music from DYGL. Now this compelling cut was a thrilling 150 seconds aided by an edgy melody, catchy lyrics and vibrant vocals which oozed plenty of punkish vibes. Bad Kicks packed a fierce punch and I’m guessing it could easily whip fans into a frenzy. Now I fell for this energetic song hook, line and sinker, I’m also envisioning the likes of The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

You can purchase DYGL’s material from iTunes

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