Creating a 2nd blog is an idea I had been toying with for quite a while. I already had review blog Planet Music Reviews but I wanted to start up another which would be Introducing new artists I love. Also I thought I could make random posts ie countdown articles.

So late August 2015, Music Is My Radar was born. It was going to be tricky to juggle two at once but this was an idea that thrilled me. Once the wheels were in motion and the layout was chosen articles were then posted.

I then came up with two series which would constantly run these being Introducing and What Became Of. Now the Introducing posts were mainly introducing new artists I love or new artists I have just witnessed live. Then the What Became Of series mainly details artists/ bands where I found what happened after (Whilst writing about The Clik Clik, I found out Maya Yianni actually went solo).

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to show Music Is My Radar more love and be more frequent when posting (my aim is for a new post every day). Having made a mind map, I then created more running features on the blog. These were Single/ Album/ EP reviews, Festival Finds which are mainly about new artists I’ve discovered at a festival, Daily Digs which is merely an Introduction for acts that I adore from outside of the UK and then finally I have incorporated live Reviews of new acts I witness.

I’m excited about the future of Music Is My Radar as I have such a passion for new artists/ live music.

If you want to recommend a band to me email me at planetmusicreviews@hotmail.co.uk


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  1. Jay Hutchinson says:

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    Stephen Martines Singer/Actor SCAM – ARTIST!!!!


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