Ransom and the Subset: Perfect Crime Single Review


23rd February 2023 saw Seattle based band Ransom and the Subset drop a brand new single and this being Perfect Crime. Basically this tempting track served as my introduction to this amazing group, Perfect Crime hooked me to the point where I had to see if they had anything in the back catalogue. All I came across was debut album No Time To Lose which dropped in 2014, the next full length Perfect Crimes will be unveiled sometime this year. Finally they are inspired by the likes of Elton John, Steely Dan, and Ben Folds Five

The lead singer and brain child of Ransom and the Subset is RanDair Porter, the original they have here is an addictive ear worm that’s been perfecty crafted. Well Perfect Crime was pure pop punk and it was reminiscent of the likes of Bowling For Soup and Simple Plan. Now I love both of those bands and that’s the reason why I connected to this song straight away. Everything about Perfect Crime was pure perfection, those vibrant vocals had me envisioning Jaret Reddick, the whole intrumentation arrangement was easy on the ear and then you had fun and carefree lyrical content centred on the topic of love. To be more exact Perfect Crime revolved around having a crush, as your feelings are so strong you would do anything to please her whether if it’s right or wrong “If I can spend some time right here, take a shot of Jack take the edge off the fear/ Just to have here for one night, come on girl, my heart is pumping, I just might/ You know is a road I never been, clearly a predicament I got me self in/ But gotta keep my lady happy, I’m not dumb, crack that safe and on the run”. Also there could be the fear that she’s going to call of the relationship if you say no.

Perfect Crime is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website


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