Girl Pow-R: Let’s Go Dancing Single Review

Girl Pow-R are back with a brand new track and this being an exceptional slice of sheer perfection. Honestly for the past couple of months I’ve been spoilt for originals from both Carina Bianchini and Girl Pow-R. I can clearly say they are stunning songwriters and their shining star is burning intensely. Now a week after Carina Bianchini released solo single What To Do, Girl Pow-R are back with yet another bop and this being Let’s Go Dancing. Whilst composing this write up I’ve listened to this succulent single ALOT of times and it leaves me excited what’s to come in the future.

Well Girl Pow-R compirse of Carina Bianchini, Emma Bown and Cindy Kofman, they also are the Pink Jacket Girls of Girl Pow-R. Now this terrific trio who have something extremely special, firstly the bond between them is water tight and secondly their vocal tones compliment one anothers perfectly which creates something extremely pleasent on the ear. Now 5th August 2022 saw the unveiling of the 4th original of the year and yet again it’s filled with plenty of joy which uplifted my spirits at the same time. Anyhow Let’s Go Dancing was an utter spectacle, smothered in plenty of pop goodness which resulted in an enchanting end product. Everything about this tantalising treat was spot on, the marvellous melody radiated disco pop vibes, those vibrant vocals were sticky sweet whilst the heartwarming lyrical content were both fun and carefree. These whimsical words told the story of being young and in love, both boy and girl both enjoy dance which created the perfect pairing “When the day is done/ I want to dance and have some fun/ Let’s go and get on our dancing shoes/ I can’t even lie, yeah I’ve made up my mind/ With you dancing beats the blues”.

Let’s Go Dancing is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Website

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