Mia Baron: Constant Contact Single Review


Singer/ songwriter Mia Baron is a talented teenager who comes all the way from Canada. She made her debut in 2021 with Hide and Seek and since then she’s dropped the likes of Friend To Me, Runaway, Caught, Miss Emotionless, Rules Are Mine and Hypochondriac. All of which have been perfectly penned and they each show that Baron has an exciting future ahead of her. Now plenty of passion flows through Mia’s veins, she started singing at just 9 year old and turned professional at 11. The whole pandemic put a spanner in the works when it came to performing live, Baron then started to release impeccable originals every few months with the help of her production and co-writing team Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu.

So 29th July 2022 saw Mia unveil a brand new single and this being Constant Contact. Once again she teamed up with Matt Kahane/ Quin Kiu and the end result was something hypnotic. Actually Baron is only 14 which comes as a shock because her vocal tones make her sound like she’s in her 20s. Whenever I listen to this succulent single I envision Marina and the Diamonds, to be more specific Marina’s song Starring Role which featured on the sophomore Electra Heart LP.

Anyhow I’ve had this outstanding original on constant repeat and I cannot help but heap plenty of praise onto the finished product. The majestic melody was a simmering slice of sheer bliss which resulted in something extremely enchanting, Baron’s vocal tones were smokingly sweet whilst the beautful lyrical content was deliciously dark as they touched on the theme of loneliness as you cannot unburden what’s on your mind. In this case Close Contact grappled with the loneliness Mia felt when she was hiding her addiction from others. In this instance the addiction being Imposter Syndrome which leaves you doubting everything you do “Imposter Syndrome/ Play the victim/ Cheat myself and cheat the system/ On and on and on/ Can’t turn it off”. Finally this compelling cut feels as if it’s a confessional piece as Baron has opened herself up to someone telling them how she really feels. The weight on the shoulders has finally been lifted.

Constant Contact is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)


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