Olivia Penalva: You Love It Single Review

Olivia Penalva comes all the way from Canada, she’s a sublime singer/ songwriter who never fails to impress me with every single original composition she puts out. I’ve been an admirer of her craft for many years and her star is burning ever so bright. Three months after the unveiling of Judge Away, Olivia is back with yet another terrific track which tantalises the tastebuds for more in the nearby future. Anyhow 8th July 2022 saw the emergence of You Love It, Independently released this captivating cut was pristine pop at it’s best which enchants me with every single listen.

Anyhow I’ve had this sumptuous song on a constant loop and I cannot help but praise the finished article. You Love It was a mesmeric pop tune aided by a mellowing melody, lyrics which tugged on the heartstings and Penalva’s vibrant vocals which had me picturing English singer/ songwriter Lauren Aquilina. Well just like Judge Away, You Love It delivered an all important message of acceptance. Basically You Love It saw Olivia in a relationship, her partner loves her unconditionally but she needs to love herself first as she cannot see the beauty he sees. Actually from the delivery it felt as if Penalva meant every single word. Still this compelling was very relatable and thereputic at the same time.

You Love It is available from iTunes (CANADA/ USA/ UK)

Official Site

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