Olivia Sabates: Hooked Single Review


A couple of days ago I was scrolling through my YouTube subscription feed and there was something brand new from Olivia Sabates, the track in question being Hooked which also featured Jesaiah. From watching the music video both Olivia and Jesaiah can quite easily be twins.

Anyhow I previously featured Sabates way back in 2020 as she dropped the poptastic Tengo via Big Dreams Entertainment. Since then she unveiled Summer Love, Love Our Hellos, Hate Our Goodbyes, Tu y Yo & Some Mistletoe in 2020 and last year saw the likes of So Bad, My Eyes Only, You Don’t Know You Love Me and Dime all of which being sheer spectacles.

Now Olivia comes all the way from Kansas City, she’s a pop princess who possesses that something extra special. She has a passion for music which is burning intensly, her main goal in life was to become an internationally renowned singer and entertainer. Sabates got her break singing in church, school and small venues. This passion resulted with her trying out for roles in local theatres in her home town. Theatre in the Park then saw Olivia land first supporting-role at the age of 7 as Chip from Beauty & the Beast. She opened the show singing the National Anthem in front of thousands of people. This resulted in several roles at local theatres including Starlight, Coterie, and Musical Theatre for Kansas City. Sabates then performed as a soloist for the Kansas City Symphony during the Christmas Pops series.

24th June 2022 saw the emergence of Hooked, a month later the official music video was uploaded onto YouTube. I’ve had this compelling cut on constant repeat and I was well and truly enthralled with the end product. Perfectly written, this was a gleaming gem which hooked me from beginning to the very end. Actually I cannot help but envision Anne Marie’s single Ciao Adios. Anyhow Hooked was a refreshing summer anthem which they both delivered to perfection, the majestic melody was upbeat whilst both Olivia’s and Jesaiah’s sugary sweet vocals gave this sublime song that Latin flair. In fact there is something about billingual tracks which never fail to enchant me. Regarding the lyrical content I found these words to be rather sultry as they told the story of having that one special person who leaves you intoxicated “Hooked On You/ Hooked On You/ Baby take it easy/ Cause you’ve got me confused”.

Hooked is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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