Kris Angelis: It’s Tumbling Me Single Review

Coming all the way from Los Angeles you have the insanely talented Kris Angelis, she’s a superb singer/ songwriter who I have plenty of time for. Each original Kris puts out there is dynamite and her whimsical vocal tones are heavenly.

29th July 2022 saw Angelis unveil the third single from the upcoming Dame Shame Waste LP and the track in question being It’s Tumbling Me. Once again this outstanding original was a pure spectacle, I’ve been playing this outstanding original on constant repeat and it whets the appetite for what’s to come in the future. Anyhow I’ve got nothing but positive praise for this compelling cut, that majestic melody was ever so soothing, Kris’s ethereal vocals emitted a tenderness whilst the empowering lyrical content was emotionally beautiful. Finally you had those ethereal chants which sent tingles down the spine. Well It’s Tumbling Me told the story of someone whose reached rock bottom and they are trying to build bridges so the relationship can be salvaged instead of losing it altogether. The line “I had started believing the lies” has me envisioning that there is a lack of confidence and the rest of these words told the story of learning to love yourself.

Anyhow It’s Tumbling Me was a stripped back folk gem which never fails to leave me utterly enchanted. Kris really has a way with words, she’s the perfect storyteller as I can clearly picture the scenario within my minds eye.

It’s Tumbling Me is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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