Elia Petridis x Jesca Hoop: Hatred Has A Mother Single/ Video Review


Coming all the way from Santa Rosa, California but now based in Manchester, UK you have Jessica “Jesca” Hoop, she’s a sublime singer songwriter whom emerged onto the scene in 2007. Now I’ve been aware of Jesca for quite a while, it was way back in 2010 when I witnessed her perform at Camden’s Jazz Cafe. Here Hoop was part of the HMV Next Big Thing billing (HMV Next Big Thing was a series of gigs taking place over a month showcasing the next big thing) and she performed material from debut Kismet and the sophomore Hunting My Dress. Since that very day I was hooked on the material Jesca had underneath her belt, 12 years later she’s unveiled a further 3 LPs and the sixth studio album Order Of Romance is set to come out on 16th September 2022.

8th June 2022 saw Jesca Hoop release a brand new single via Memphis Industries and this being Hatred Has A Mother. Anyhow this outstanding original came into fruition when Jesca was supporting Ani DiFranco on a tour of the USA early 2020. Here she was hooked on the phrase Revolutionary Love from the unreleased DiFranco song of the same name. Ani actually wrote Revolutionary Love in response to “See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love” by Valarie Kaur. Anyhow I’ve had this tantalising track on constant repeat and it’s an addictive slice of folk packed with a punchy melody, Hoop’s refreshing vocal tones were a force to be reckoned with whilst the lyrical content was a literal call to arms. In other words Hatred Has A Mother was an amazing anthem which Jesca delivered with plenty of gusto. Finally one name spung to mind when listening to this compelling cut and this being Scottish singer/ songwriter Tamara Schlesinger (aka MALKA).

30th June then saw the official music video make its way to YouTube and once again it was a visionary masterpiece. Elia Petridis is a Lebanese/ Greek film director and screen writer who was born in Paris, he’s a talented individual who has collaborated with Hoop on a number of occasions. Actually he’s also the CEO of Filmatics and Executive Creative Director at digital marketing agency Fever Content. Well when it comes to the Hatred Has A Mother muic video, Elia served as the director and the end result being something marvelous. Those visuals were vibrant and the song on the whole was an enchanting masterpiece. Now here is what he had to say about Jessica “Jesca’s songs are built of striking melodies, moving lyrics, and a unique musical thinking that’s all her own. Her imagination is boundless, always rewarding, and wonderful to help visualize for fans old and new alike”.

Hatred Has A Mother is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

Elia Petridis Socials

Official Website


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