JULAPINK: Runaway Cinderella Single Review

JULAPINK comes all the way from New York City, she’s an uber talented singer/ songwriter who possesses that something extra special. I’ve been an admirer of her wondrous works for a good couple of years, it was 2021 when Jula debuted on the musical scene with Broken, this succulent single was followed up with Baby Blues and earlier this year she dropped the contagious Paradise which whets the appetite for more original material in the future. Even though there are only 4 singles to her name, Jula previews sneak peaks on her Instagram page. On the whole JULAPINK’s shining star is burning intenslely, each compelling cut dropped is a pure banger which never fails to enchant me.

15th July 2022 then saw the emergence of a brand new single and this being Runaway Cinderella. I’ve listened to this tempting track a countless amount of times and all I can say is WOW. Jula realy does have a way with her words and the whole production was spot on. Basically Runaway Cinderella was pure dance pop, backed with an fresh/ funky melody and vibrant vocals which were a breath of fresh air. JULAPINK delivered this with plenty of gusto and the end result being something extremely mesmeric. Actually when I listened to this original for the very first time visions of both Dua Lipa and Carly Rae Jepsen came to mine.

Regarding the lyrics, this sumptuous song told the story of Cinderella however there’s a 2022 twist. Yes Cinderella does go to the ball and she does catch the eye of the Prince, they’re the perfect pairing however she doesn’t want to commit “Envision me with you the rest of your life/ But that’s not really my vibe/ Wedding bell’s a red light”. So Cinders then leaves the ball before the clock strikes midnight, she basically lied to the Prince by saying she loved him just so she could make a quick getaway. So Cinderella loses her glass slipper, the next day the Prince asks girls if the shoe fits them. Cinderella then tries on the shoe and it’s a perfect fit, however this was no fairytale as she doesn’t want everything that comes with being a Princess “Now I got you thinkin ’bout marriage/ I’m no princess in a carriage/ Put a ring on my finger/ So cute when I wear”.

Runaway Cinderella is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)



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