Liz Cass: Shaken Single Review


30th June 2022 saw Liz Cass unleash her newest single and this being Shaken. Released via Ultra Records this was an addictive mesh of dance meets pop which worked wonders. Having made her solo debut in 2020, Liz has gone on to drop multiple singles (Someone (Just Like Her), Bad Love, Chaos, Killers, Humans) all of which showcased her sublime songwriting skills. Actually debut album The Words will come out later this year.

Here is what Cass has to say about this song “‘Shaken’ is about trying to find a way back to yourself after experiencing something that has had a profound effect on your wellbeing and shaken the fabric of who you are. You’re never quite the same and it can take time. But after you heal, you can get back to a happier, stronger version of what was there before”.

Well I’ve been constantly listening to Shaken and once again it’s a perfect addition to the Liz Cass back catalogue. Seriously she’s an exciting individual who oozes bundles of potential. Anyhow everything about this track was spot on, the fast paced melody was packed with synth goodness, those compelling lyrics were perfectly penned whilst Liz’s entrancing vocal tones were succulently soft. These words actually told the story of someone whose witnessed something traumatic which shakes them to the core, as time goes by they find the comfort and strength to overcome this and find the way back “We’re still Shaken/ By all the things we’ve seen/ Breaking/ Need a minute here to breathe/ Shaken/ By all the things seen/ Waiting/ To find a way back to me”. Actually I found that chorus to be rather uplifting as it conveyed the message that even know things may look bleak, within time you’ll eventually get back to your normal self.

Shaken is available from iTunes

Official Website


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