KTJ & Carly: Ego Death EP Review


23rd June 2022 saw Texan twins KTJ & Carly return with the sophomore Ego Death EP. Having been enchanted with KTJ & Carly’s material since On Your Mind in 2019, this was a release I was eagerly anticipating. Anyhow the sisters behind the name are Katie and Carly Haynes, they are sublime singer/ songwriters whom amaze me every single time. They debuted in 2019 and the three years which followed has seen them unveil a glut of singles, all of which are exceptional slices of perfection.

Well Ego Death comprised of 5 tracks, 3 of which were brand spanking new and the other two being prior singles that have been released this year. Now this exquisite EP kicked off with Soliloquy and I was hooked on the very first listen. This succulent song was pristine pop that’s been drenched in plenty of synth goodness. Literally this track is top notch, the melody took me back to the late ’80s, those mesmeric vocal tones were pure bliss on the ear whilst the captivating lyrical content focused on self acceptance flaws and all “So I want to know you/ Tell it to the mirror do you know her?/ I want to know you/ Meeting myself might get me closure/ And if I know you/ I can control you/ I could let go of the angles/ So I’m going to know you”. All in all I found Soliloquy to be rather uplifting and at the same time the dazzling delivery was a sheer spectacle. Following on you had the first single to be lifted from this 5 track collection and this being Daddy’s Little Lawyer. Written alongside Stefan Parajo-Van De Stadt this was an infectious pop/ rock anthem which enthralled me until the very end. Now I absolutely adored this gem of a number, the majestic melody was edgy, you had emotive vocal tones which packed a punch and then there was the lyrical content which touched on having a partner with an inflated ego who always puts themselves first. 14th April 2022 saw the unveiling of the official music video, other than being hilarious (I loved the text message break during recess) the visuals perfectly captured the story the lyrics were telling. Here you had KTJ & Carly on trial for breaking mens hearts, then you had the “worst lawyer ever” with the inflated ego. Both Katie and Carly are sentenced to life in prison, after the verdict, mayhem breaks out in the courtroom resulting in the twins escaping and going on the run. Once over it was time for the latest single and this being the anthemesque Pink Ferrari. Everything about this succulent synth pop track was on point, the majestic melody was so enchanting, KTJ & Carly’s vibrant vocals were sumptuously sweet (their tantalising tones infused together perfectly) whilst the perfectly penned lyrics oozed a darkness. Why I say this is purely based on the fact it focused on mental health and not letting those inner demons in your head run riot. Actually these demons can cause a mixture of self doubt, confusion and anxiety “Invited all my demons to the afterparty/ Let them all in, better safe than sorry/ Fighting with the devil in a Pink Ferrari/ Chalk it up to the deprevation/ They’re bring me down so I can save them/ Addicted to it all, see them misbehaving/ Never thought I’d join them now I’m staying”. At the end of the day you need to embrace your flaws/ imperfections and accept you for you if you want to win this battle. Heartless was the next featured and this being an upbeat pop song that’s been perfectly produced. Now this outstanding original was inspired by the Nicholas Cage film Family Man. Faultlessly delivered, the end product was incredibly edgy, the vibrant vocals packed a fierce punch whilst the lyrical content was darkly tinged. Here you have someone who values money over any one else, whilst everyone would like to have untold riches it cannot by love or happiness. Actually in this case, all this cash has alienated them from loved ones “Oh no, would it burn your ego?/ If there’s nobody at your funeral/ But your the richest of them all, oh numeral/ With more dollars, you’re more heartless”. Now the antagonist reminds me of Ebeneezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol who eventually saw the error of his ways. Ego Death then concluded with Signing Off and yet again this was an utter spectacle. Once again it focused on mental health, in this case having too many things on a plate which can result in burnout. Delivered to perfection, this was an enthralling track drenched in plenty of synth goodness, KTJ & Carly’s tones were a breath of fresh air and the compelling lyrics resonated emotion as you can picture that everything has reached the point where it’s too much “I needed a break/ Cause I’ve strted to ache/ But now I’ve got way too much shit on my plate/ I’ve got what it takes/ But I procrastinate/ I always regret then go back to this place”.

Ego Death is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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