Fox and Bones: Dancing In The Aisles Single Review


1st October 2021 saw delightful duo Fox and Bones return with yet another original from their impeccable album American Alchemy. The succulent song in question being Dancing In The Aisles and it’s a slice of sheer bliss that’s pleasent on the ear.

Well the twosome behind the name are Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore and I have plenty of admiration for them. Now Fox and Bones come all the way from Portland, Oregon, they debuted in 2016 with the self titled EP, five years later they’ve dropped three full length LPs and a multitude of tracks.

May 2021 saw the unveiling of American Alchemy via Dutch Records and this utter spectacle has spawned the likes of Already Here, A Changing Of The Guard, Running Free, A Strange and Wondrous Place, Call Your Mother and now Dancing In The Aisles. Each being an addictive treat which tantalised my tastebuds for more material in the future. Also I would like to point out the other 5 numbers on that album were outstanding. Both Sarah and Scott are gifted individuals and the bond between them is water tight.

Now I’ve had Dancing In The Aisles on constant repeat and it’s a perfectly produced piece of perfection. I always have a beaming smile on my face whenever I listen to this tune. Well I have nothing but praise for this glorious number, Dancing In The Aisles was a joyous slice of Christian country rock which worked wonders. Anyhow everything about this song was spot on, the toe tapping melody was a colourful explosion, Vitort’s vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air whilst those luscious lyrics uplifted the spirits “I just wanna sing these sweet songs till I die”. Then you had Gilmore’s rich tones which oozed a folkness at the same time. Based on these whimsical words you can tell they have a burning passion for music and relishing every single second at the same time “I just wanna make ’em smile/ Get ’em dancing in the aisles/ Just in case we only get one shot at life”. Religious or not, everyone has there own beliefs.

Here is what Fox and Bones had to say about this track This song was written as an exploration of my spirituality, and how growing up in the church instilled in me a love of music. Though I no longer subscribe to any religion and prefer a more unitarian spiritual view, the desire to spread joy through music has remained. The takeaway from this song is, no matter what you believe, none of us truly know for sure what happens after we die, so let’s follow our hearts and enjoy our time here while we have it!”.

Regarding the music video, these gorgeous visuals were shot at Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland, Oregon and I found the setting to be rather idyllic. I’ve seen a number of live performances in various churches here in the United Kingdom and the acoustics are superb for a capella. Actually this music video saw Sarah liven up a church congregation by bursting into song, the end result saw people dancing down the aisle.

Fox and Bones are embarking on a tour of the USA from 4th October to 17th November 2021, based on the year we’ve had during this pandemic, the line “Just in case we only get one shot at life” hits home and it makes you appreciate live music as even more. Well I fully expect both Sarah and Scott to relish every single second. Whilst there will be no aisles I’m pretty sure Fox and Bones will have everyone dancing.

Finally Dancing In The Aisles was Directed/ Shot/ Edited by Derich Hartfeil/Fortem Films and Produced by Lauren McKean/Fortem Films. Then you had Cambria Tingley who was the Production Assistant.

Also I have to credit:

Paul Paresa – Keys
Joe Intile – Bass
Everett Carlson – Drums

Priest – Vincent Tallbut
Mom – Susan Mills
Parishioners – Katrena Wright, Cat Keller, Crystal Castleman, Andre Dengo

American Alchemy is available from the Official Store or iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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