Neska Rose: Stupid Ideas Single Review

1st October 2021 saw Neska Rose return with yet another spectacular single and this being Stupid Ideas. Based in Los Angeles, Neska is a stellar singer/ songwriter who emerged onto the music scene in 2020 with debut single Done. Since then she’s gone on to drop 2 outstanding originals, these being The Repel Of A Young Girl (2020) and Copy & Paste (2021). Also earlier this year Rose unleashed her debut EP The Repel Of A Young Girl via Piva Records, this tasty treat comprised of the 2 2020 singles and a further 5 tunes which tantalised the taste buds. Twin sister Libi even harmonised and both sets of vocals complemented one another.

Aside from the song writing, Neska can also add actress to her resume. Now I’ve seen clips of her portrayal of goth/ makeup artist Gertrude “Gertie” on Nickelodeon’s mockumentary Drama Club, her characters sense of humour actually makes me smile.

August 2021 saw the release of Copy & Paste, this superb single was the start of a brand new chapter and it showcased the phenomenal talent she possesses. What impresses me is Neska’s age, she’s only 15 years old but she’s a sublime songwriter who has a burning passion for her craft.

Now I’ve had Stupid Ideas on constant repeat and it’s an addictive slice of grunge pop. Neska Rose penned this exceptional gem by herself and it also featured twin sister Libi who harmonised to perfection. The pristine performance had me envisioning Courtney Barnett. Anyhow everything about this succulent single was sublime, the majestic melody was incredibly edgy, Rose’s vibrant vocals were sweet whist those whimsical words were quirky. Basically they entailed you giving in to that voice in your head and doing something you really shouldn’t “Joy can’t feel this way/ But I do it anyway”.

Finally the accompanying fun fuelled music video was rather light hearted and saw Neska carrying out her stupid ideas. I must admit I did wince when she dropped a vase and walked over broken glass bare footed. Towards the end Libi made an appearance which then resulted in a frantic ending.

This is what Neska Rose had to say “I think we all have stupid ideas that don’t necessarily work for us. We all have this little demon on our shoulder sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that’s the path we’re going to take. When you have struggles and fears you want to just face them and say “I see that you’re here, but I’m letting you go, and I’m not letting it take control over me.” In the music video I’m doing all of these stupid things just to show how unproductive they actually are”.

Stupid Ideas is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website


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