KTJ & Carly: Reckless Single Review

Twin sisters Katie and Carly Haynes are talented Texan natives who are currently based in Los Angeles. Now I have nothing but admiration for KTJ & Carly, they are sublime singer/ songwriters who have plenty of passion flowing through their veins. This talented twosome debuted in 2019 with the outstanding On Your Mind, over the space of 2 years they’ve gone onto release a multitude of sublime singles plus an EP which comprised of 7 outstanding compositions.

So 30th September saw KTJ & Carly unveil something brand new and the tune in question being Reckless. 2021 has in fact been a busy one for this delightful duo, Reckless is in fact the 5th single of the year and as I expected it’s yet another magical masterpiece. Everything about this glorious original was simply spot on, actually it oozed plenty of R&B/ pop vibes and this combination worked wonders.

The marvellous melody was easy on the ear, those vibrant verses emitted a dreaminess whilst the perfectly penned content formed an in your face anthem which told you don’t mess with me “If it gets loud, I’ll shut it down And I’ll break free/ If it gets crazy, I’ll try to top it I’ll make it rain baby/ I’m worse than all the storms at sea/ I’d bring the the waves, I’d make it bleed/ I’d wake the town and you’d believe”. Just like every KTJ & Carly track, my favourite part has to be the succulently sweet vocals and those enchanting tight harmonies. Now this sterling song is once again an enchanting slice of sheer bliss.

Things then take a turn when the captivating chorus kicked in, this whimsical portion was a danceable upbeat delight which packed a fierce punch. Whenever I hear the term Reckless I immediately think of diving in head first without thinking of the repercussions your actions could have. That aside this enthralling chorus left me envisioning Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy.

Reckless is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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