JULAPINK: Broken Single Review


30th July 2021 saw the formidable Kaitlyn Mann embark on a brand new chapter, from this moment in time she’ll be releasing her outstanding originals under the guise of JULAPINK. Now I have nothing but praise for Kaitlyn, she’s a sublime singer/ songwriter who has the ability to craft exquisite tunes which hook you instantaneously. Whilst this new project is brand new, Mann was alluding to it if you knew where to look. For starters during Kaitlyn’s Instagram stories you could clearly see an illuminated JULAPINK sign and secondly she launched another Instagram profile using the handle itsjulapink. Finally based on the originals I’ve heard, JULAPINK’s future is pretty rosy.

Well JULAPINK’s fruits of labour came in the shape of Broken and this was an outstanding original which told an edgy story revolving around a fractured relationship. Anyhow this tasty track was penned/ produced and recorded by Kaitlyn, mixing was by Kevin Killen and mastering was provided by Fred Kevorkian.

Anyhow I’ve had this tantalising track on a loop and I have to shower it with praise. Resonating plenty of pop goodness, this was a wondrous ballad which had an emotive/ gritty twist. Now everything about this number was spot on, the majestic melody radiated a dreaminess, Kaitlyn’s vibrant vocals were candy coated whilst those perfectly penned lyrics tugged on my heart stings. Basically Mann told the tale of a relationship that’s broken to the point it cannot be repaired. Despite this relationship being volatile the girl still is carrying a torch for this guy “Fighting all night when you lost your temper/ Reckless and dysfunctional surrender/ Maybe if I tried to love you better/ You wouldn’t be with her we’d be together”. As Broken progressed you realise the cause of this breakdown related to both alcoholism and drugs, hence the mention of demons in the head to battle.

Broken is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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