Crimson Calamity: Due West Single Review


26th February 2021 saw the impeccable Crimson Calamity return with a brand new single and this being Due West. Now I have nothing but admiration for this delectable duo, the voices behind the name are Mallory Trunnel and Lauren Harding whom come all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.

Well I was late to the party as I was introduced to Crimson Calamity the back end of 2018, basically it was love at first listen as seasonal song First Snow left me with the desire to hear more originals. That was the moment I delved into the back catalogue and came across the 2015 with the All In The Cards EP and the follow up release Gypsy Heart in 2018. Two years after the release of First Snow, Mallory and Lauren were back with Ghost and this being a beautiful ballad which oozed plenty of Folk/ Americana goodness.

Anyhow I hold Due West in my highest regards, this tantalising treat is yet another perfect addition to the Crimson Calamity catalogue. Firstly this succulent single showcased their startling song writing skills as they have the knack of telling a story through these wondrous words. Secondly Due West was produced by Gena Johnson and the end result being something extremely magical. Now this track was a whimsical slice of country pop which created something that was easy on the ear. I’ve had this number on constant repeat and it’s literally a masterpiece. The melodies opening was reminiscent to Taylor Swift (during the Fearless era) then as Due West progressed the melody transformed into something which had me tapping my toe. Regarding the vocals, I’m always knocked for six whenever I hear a Crimson Calamity original and this succulent song was a captivating slice of sheer bliss. Mallory and Lauren’s vocal tones were sumptuously sweet and then those majestic harmonies were incredibly tight and at the same time I was envisioning twin tastic British country pop duo Ward Thomas. Chills always run down my spine whenever I hear CC’s beautiful tones. Finally the lyrics were a sheer spectacle, this story telling content painted a vivid picture within my minds eye of being called back to your home. Even though this dazzling duo are based in Nashville, this beautiful song saw them mention how they would always have strong affinity for their Los Angeles hometown. Actually this cheery celebration also describes how the West is calling out to them “I’m Due West/ I’ve been getting on just fine/ But there’s an ache in my chest/ For that California coastline/ Rocky Mountain High, Sedona Sunrise/ Seattle to Santa Fe/ Cheyenne to Morro Bay/ I hear it calling out my name/ Honey I’m due West” all of which are located West from Nashville, Tennessee.

Due West is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website

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