Amy Montgomery: Anywhere Single Review


23rd October 2020 saw Amy Montgomery unveil her latest single Anywhere and this being a glorious slice of indie rock. Coming all the way from Northern Ireland, Amy is an impeccable talent who’s set to blossom.

Taken from the upcoming Intangible EP, this is a stellar single which hooked me on the very first listen.

My thoughts on this tantalising track are extremely positive. The majestic melody was hypnotic, the electric guitar gave Anywhere an edginess, Montgomery’s vibrant vocals were husky whilst I found those perfectly penned lyrics to be rather uplifting. Amy has penned a gem of a track, passion oozed from Anywhere and these hopeful words mentioned that we can accomplish our dreams with a little bit of sheer determination. With the whole COVID situation hope is lacking and music is the perfect remedy to uplift spirits.

Here is what Montgomery had to say regarding this compelling cut “’Anywhere’ is a song of encouragement, resilience and hope. It’s a reminder that whenever we are searching for something, it is often within us and has been the whole time. It inspires us to embellish our perspective on life with determination and imagination, only then, will the world around us grow in colour and opportunity. You can take yourself anywhere you want to go!“.

Anywhere is available from iTunes

Official Website

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