Jodi Valentin: Hindsight Single Review

Born in Brooklyn, NYC but based in Philadelphia, PA you have sensational singer/ songwriter Jodi Valentin. Recently I’ve been introduced to her wondrous works and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed. Now Valentin made her debut in 2015 with the the soulfully smooth The Radio and months later she dropped the perfectly pop For The Movies and this was reminiscent of Regina Spektor. The two years which followed saw the unveiling of a further 2 singles and these being What You Desire (2016), Fall Into You (2018) plus you had Lanna singles Nobody (2017) and Open Ocean (2018) which Jodi featured on.

Valentin then returned to the forefront in 2020, so far she’s dropped 4 singles which tantalises the tastebuds for the upcoming Hindsight EP. Anyhow these tracks in question being Too Soon, Ghost, Blue Eyes and the recently released Hindsight.

16th October saw Jodi unveil the title track and this being an utter spectacle. Emitting plenty of acoustic pop vibes, Hindsight was a glistening ballad smothered in plenty of heartache. Now the marvellous melody was enchanting, Jodi’s sugary sweet vocals had me envisioning an early Taylor Swift whist those words tugged on the heartstrings but they were uplifting at the same time. This outstanding original saw Valentin reminisce about a past relationship, even though the break up resulted in a broken heart as time progressed Jodi realised that maybe it was for the best “Sometimes you gotta say goodbye/ Sometimes you gotta change your mind/ Sometimes what’s best don’t feel right at at all”.

Hindsight is available from iTunes (USA/ UK)


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