Michelle Creber: Storm Album Review


Storm is the 7th full length from the exceptional Michelle Creber, coming all the way from Vancouver this talented 20 year old has a burning passion music. For starters Michelle is a sublime singer/ songwriter who’s also dabbled in acting in live action/ musicals plus she even has a host of voice over credits to her name. The most recent being Creber’s voice over performance as Apple Bloom for the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Anyhow I hold Storm within my highest regards, Michelle Creber has crafted an absolute spectacle. Each of the 11 featured tracks have been perfectly penned which created something utterly enchanting. Prior to this record being released, Creber has independently released three singles and these being Storm, False Empire and most recently Like It Never Happen. Now these three succulent songs intensified the desire to listen to this thrilling album. Now it was Storm which opened up this impeccable record, now this compelling cut was an anthemic pop gem which hooked me from the get go. Creber’s vocals packed a fierce punch whilst those venomous lyrics pointed to letting go of a negative influence in your life, now that could be either a partner or friend “Guess what, I’m done with you/ And your psychopathic, idiotic attitude/ Get lost, you won’t be missed/ It’s beyond impossible for us to coexist”. Still I well and truly adored this number and Michelle delivered it with plenty of gusto. Electricity was next up and this tune was different compared to Storm, this was mainly down to the fact it’s a beautiful piano ballad which knocked me for six. Michelle’s crisp tones were sumptuously sweet, that whimsical melody was majestic whilst those luscious lyrics focused on the topic of falling in love. I found this tune to be heart warming as they told the tale of shy girl whose been sending subtle signals to a boy she likes “‘Cause I’m having trouble/ Receiving your signals/ The wires are crossed/ As everybody’s eyes are on us”. This resulted in a happy ending as the girl gets the boy and the Electricity is what’s felt between them both “You focus in on me/ Can you feel that Electricity”. All in all this was a joyous tune which put a huge smile on my face. It was then time for a bit of Like It Never Happened, this piano ballad was literally an emotional roller coaster. Creber’s refreshing tones soared until the very end whilst the emotive content painted the picture of trying to erase her first love from her life. The girl still has feelings and wishes she could correct the mistakes, however that’s not possible and photographic memories conjure up heart ache knowing that there can be no happy ending “Thought I’d let go/ Thought I’d moved on/ But I’m mourning, more than I can handle/ It’s been so long/ But it’s still hard/ To accept that I can’t/ Have you in my life”. Following you had Lighthouse an this was a whimsical ballad that’s easy on my ear. Michelle’s tantalising tones were sugary sweet, that gorgeous melody was extremely enchanting and then you had well written lyrical content which uplifted me. False Empire was the second cut to be given the single treatment and it’s an enthralling gem which became more intense as it progressed. This tempting track was darker when compared to the prior 4 tunes as it centred on a corrupt ruler who sits on a throne of lies, this basically falls down to greed “Well honey you better learn your lies, lie lie lies/ You’ve been ruling a false empire, lie lie liar/ And when you gotta testify/ There’ll be no alibis/ To get you through this fire/ Lie lie liar, lie lie liar”. As this compelling cut, the public club together to overthrow the ruler so they can get their justice “You’re gonna hear a knock knock knock/ On your golden doors/ And then a stomp, stomp on your marble floors/ We’re gonna find the rebels, find find the rebels/ Then we’ll fight together, fight fight together/ ‘Cause you know revolution is a given here/ You thought that we’re gonna take this/ We’re gonna make this/ Easy for you to walk all over us/ No we’re the rebels, we’re we’re the rebels/ And we’ll fight together, fight fight together/ When you are on your own”. There was a tenderness to I Built You A Sandcastle, that stripped back guitar melody was so relaxing whilst Creber’s vocals were a breath of fresh air. Regarding the lyrics, these were drenched in sadness as it told the story of child hood friends who’ve been torn apart. However there’s a happy resolve towards the end of this captivating cut. Now I adored every composition which featured on this delectable record but Welcome To Reality had to be my favourite hands down. My reason for this being this addictive gem was an upbeat explosion of colour, you had a toe tapping melody, bright/ breezy vocals from Michelle and quirky lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. In fact these whimsical words were a tad theatrical which resulted in a exquisite end product. Let Me In was a majestic tune that Creber delivered to perfection. Her vibrant vocals were angelic and those luscious words enchanted me. As this compelling original progressed it became rather edgy. All I can say about Carry On is WOW, this tune found it’s way to YouTube last year and it never fails to render me speechless. Basically it’s an inspirational piece aided by beautiful/ tear jerking lyrics. Actually it’s quite poignant considering the whole situation is currently in, this can cause both depression and anxiety but what Michelle sings here is how you’re loved and never give up on hope “Carry on, baby you are loved/ When you wanna fall/ Just stay strong/ Cause hope is never far gone”. Now So Nice was an in your face anthem with an added theatrical twist. Everything about this was spot on, Creber’s tantalising tones were energetic and then you had an upbeat infectious melody. Things then came to a close with Crossroads and this being a dreamy ballad which enchanted me until the very end. Michelle’s wondrous vocals were a breath of fresh air, they also sent shivers down my spine. Regarding the piano melody I found this to be extremely soothing.

Storm is available from HERE or iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Website



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