Hydra Lerna: Camera Single Review


Last year I was introduced to the wondrous works of Hydra Lerna, having been thoroughly immersed with In The Dark then led me to delve into the back catalogue. What I was hearing was sheer bliss, Hydra Lerna debuted in 2017 with Hydra, that very year also saw the unveiling of sophomore Clean Like You. Towards the end of 2018 debut EP Hydra Lerna hit the pubic domain.

Anyhow it’s Abigail Blake who adopts the moniker Hydra Lerna, coming all the way from Norwich she’s a true dynamo who also pens and produces her own material (Abi actually has her very own home studio).

Well 29th February 2020 saw Blake make a return with yet another superb single and this being Camera. Abi’s passion shines through and through, she definitely has something special and I for one cannot wait to hear what gems she comes up with in the nearby future. Aside from the writing/ producing, Blake actually mixed and mastered this sumptuous song.

I’ve had the captivating Camera on constant repeat and I cannot help but lavish praise onto the end product. Now this number was an electronic pop bop which resulted in an addictive piece of sheer brilliance. Hydra Lerna’s powerful vocals were sweetly fluffy whilst those self penned lyrics depicted a relationship on the rocks “It’s a hundred degrees outside/ But in here it’s intensified”, but even when times get tough the love you feel for this person remains “When we’re hanging in the balance/ I’ll have the photographs of you”.

Now here is what Abi Blake had to say regarding this outstanding original “This is probably the most upbeat and ‘dancey’ song that I’ve made. I think my fans will be quite surprised! It’s quite different to my harp roots. I’m super excited to share it”. The excitement doesn’t surprise me in the slightest because this stellar single is a well crafted masterpiece. You also had traces of an EDM influence added in the mix.

6th March 2019 then saw the emergence of the music video for Camera and Abi directed, produced and edited these wonderful visuals. This lyric video was filmed in Norwich, it featured Hydra Lerna going into various shops and filming herself singing along whilst filming on her Camera. Even though filming secretly in various public places can create a tense atmosphere, Abi should be extremely proud of herself, the fact she crafted this all by herself shows that burning passion for music.

Blake had this to say regarding this lyric video “I had a lot of fun making the video. I spent the day in and around my hometown of Norwich filming it (which also happened to be the day storm Ciara hit…my hair is a mess). There’s probably a few shops I can’t go into again. It’s fun and plays on the superficial subject matter of the song”.

Finally the editing was on point, I know all to well how difficult syncing the track into the visuals can be especially when you’ve got multiple versions of different takes. Still Abi has done a sterling job here.

Camera is available from iTunes

Official Site


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