Michelle Creber: Storm Single Review


Canadian native Michelle Creber is a talented 20 year old whom has a wealth of experience within the media industry. Aside from being a superb singer/ songwriter, Creber can add both actress and dancer to her resume. Michelle has got a handful of credits to her name which span across live action, theatre work and voice acting work in various animated shows.

Her notable voice over credits include “Lucy” in Peanuts (Warner Bros), “Alice” in Martha Speaks (PBS Kids) and “Wendy” in the New Adventures of Peter Pan (Discovery Family). Notable onscreen credits include “Kelly” Western series Strange Empire (CBC/Netflix), Supernatural (CW), Smart Cookies (Hallmark), Killer Among Us (Lifetime), Christmas Lodge (Showcase), The Haunting Hour (The Hub), Eureka (NBC) and The Search For Santa Paws (Disney). Finally Michelle has also performed extensively in the theatre world with many lead roles, including twice in the title role of Annie and “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz.

Now Michelle Creber is most known for her voice work in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic TV series. Here she provided the speaking/ singing voice for Applejack’s younger sister Apple Bloom. Also Creber was the singing voice for fellow Cutie Mark Crusader Sweetie Belle throughout season 1-3. Having been enthralled with My Little Pony: Movie at the start of 2018 I then decided to delve into the TV Series and I was well and truly hooked, the songs featured were both addictive and uplifting. Apple Bloom was actually my favourite, I adored her sassiness and her country twang.

That aside music is something Michelle is extremely passionate about, her father Michael is a jazz pianist/ producer whilst her mother Monique is a vocalist/ producer. Anyhow Michelle made her musical industry debut in 2012 with Timeless: Songs of a Century. Since then she’s gone onto release a further 6 records and the most notable being At Home (2014), Getting Stronger (2016), On Display (2018) and Work In Progress (2019) all of which featured original material.

7th February 2020 saw Creber unveil Storm, this independently released single also shares its name with the upcoming full length. Now I’ve had this superb song on constant repeat and it’s literally a breath taking slice of perfection. Firstly you had a glitzy melody accompanied by the piano (which gave the track that jazzy feel), guitars and pulsating beats which packed a fierce punch. Now regarding the vocals, I found Michelle’s tantalising tones to be super sassy. You could say these vocals were venomous as those addictive lyrics told the story of severing ties whether it be a relationship or a friendship. Anyhow from the delivery it was clear to hear that Creber put everything into this anthem esque gem. Finally this captivating lyrical content focused on taking back control and realising that this person is having a negative effect on your mental health “God you’re so temperamental/ Though I’m sentimental/ It feels like I’ll never wanna see you again/ So take your stormy weather/ To somebody else”.

On the whole this stunning number was pop meets rock with added elements of jazz. These whimsical words were perfectly penned and the whole production created something extremely majestic.

Fast forward to 28th February 2020, Michelle Creber premiered the official music video on YouTube. All I can say is WOW, this had been perfectly produced and those gorgeous visuals had a vintage feel to them. The catalyst for this video stemmed from a phone call Michelle made, here she vented out her frustrations “Guess what, I’m done with you/ And your psychopathic, idiotic attitude/ Get lost, you won’t be missed/ It’s beyond impossible for us to coexist” and this resulted in her using the typewriter to craft this stellar song.

Still this captivating clip was directed/ edited Jef Gibbons, Becca Gibbons & Michelle Creber and the end product was a visual masterpiece.

To coincide with the unveiling of this marvellous music video, Creber’s forthcoming album Storm (which is due out 1st May 2020) is now available to pre order.

Storm is available from iTunes (US/ UK) or Bandcamp

You can pre order Michelle’s Storm LP from HERE

Official Website


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