Devin Kennedy: Happy Yet Single Review


12th February 2020 saw Devin Kennedy return with a brand new single and this being Happy Yet. Coming all the way from Los Angeles, Kennedy is a startling singer/ songwriter who oozes bundles of potential. This incredible individual made his independent debut in 2018 with Waste Of Time, over the space of a year he’s gone on to drop a multitude of singles all of which leave me with the desire for more formidable originals.

In fact I was introduced to Devin’s music mid 2018, the tune in question being Bad Habit and from that very moment I was hooked. 4th October 2019 then saw the unveiling of the You & Me, That’s Enough EP, this delightful debut was smothered in plenty of pop goodness making the 4 track collection a dreamy slice of sheer bliss.

Anyhow Happy Yet was written by Devin Kennedy, Rebecca Perl and Lukas Costas. Basically this compelling cut was pristine pop at its best, that glorious melody was chilled out/ upbeat whilst those lyrics explored the negative side of the internet. In this case Happy Yet mainly focused on social media platforms and how it can have an effect on you “Lately I’ve been watching everybody’s highlights/ Wishing I could get up in their high life/ Everything looks better from the skyline”. Still everything about this catchy pop single was spot on, Kennedy’s vocals were silky smooth which created something that’s easy on the ear.

Happy Yet is available from iTunes (UK/ US) 

Official Website

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