Drea & The Marilyns: Everything To Me Video Review

Drea is back with her Marilyns for another spectacular song and this being Everything To Me. Now I wrote about this captivating cover late last year and Drea’s sweetly soulful vocal tones were like a breath of fresh air.

Now Everything To Me was originally recorded by New Zealand based Lips in 2012, now hr very own interpretation was extremely enchanting which leaves me anticipating what is to come in the nearby future.

Anyhow at the forefront of this venture is Drea Castillo, she’s a superb singer/ songwriter whom emerged onto the scene in 2014 with the En Route EP and the years which followed saw the unveiling of singles Calgary and Sun & Moon.

Anyhow this electronic/ pop track was literally an emotional roller coaster, these words touched on a deteriorating relationship and wanting to get away to re discover that spark “It would mean Everything To Me if we could take a holiday/ Cos you and I bone tired every night isn’t my idea of play/ And even our smallest dream is getting lean, never sees the light of day/ So it would mean Everything To Me”.

5th February 2020 then saw the unveiling of the official music video, lasting for just over 5 minutes this was a cinematic piece which enchanted myself on the very first viewing. These whimsical words centred on the topic of escapism when things get too much. I especially liked the additional dance element which created something extremely enthralling. Finally I found Drea’s smooth vocals to be rather fragile which emitted plenty of emotion at the same time.


Director: Drea Castillo
Artistic Director: Ari Holmes
Director of Photography: Dylan Randolph
Cast: Johanna Berliner, Drea Castillo, Ari Holmes, Taarna Long, Ariel Oswalt, Scottie Stitches, Jessica Stone

Everything To Me is available from iTunes

Official Website

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