Colony House: Leave What’s Lost Behind Album Review


24th January 2020 saw indie quartet Colony House unveil their 3rd full length LP and this being Leave What’s Lost Behind. Released via Roon Records, this impeccable 13 track effort has already spawned the likes of Looking For Some Light, Original Material and most recently Where I’m From.

Colony House started their journey in 2009 as a trio with brothers singer/guitarist Caleb Chapman and drummer Will Chapman (sons of CCM singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman) and guitarist Scott Mills. They were going under the name Caleb but in 2013 they then opted for a name change and this being Colony House (the bands name was taken from an apartment complex in their home of Franklin, Tennessee). So this thrilling three piece went on to drop three self released EPs, then in 2014 they unveiled the debut full length and this being When I Was Younger.

Colony House toured extensively in 2015 and this is when bassist Parke Cottrell joined the fray. 2017 then saw sophomore LP Only The Lonely enter the public domain, this release featured singles You Know It, Lonely, You & I and This Beautiful Life.

Anyhow I’ve listened to this amazing album a number of times and I’m extremely impressed with the end result. The lead single Looking For Some Light kick started proceedings. If I was to describe this compelling cut in one word it would have to be breathtaking. That gorgeous melody was sleek, those luscious lyrics were uplifting whilst the vibrant vocal delivery were both bright and breezy. This dazzling delight was literally a beautiful epic aided by heart warming words. Once over Leave What’s Lost Behind is split into three different acts. First up it Runaway Pt1 (Love Has A Limit). Now this was a short but sweet interlude which left me completely transfixed. The piano instrumentation was dreamy whilst those luscious lyrics focused on escapism. Leave What’s Left Behind was pure indie rock which resulted in something incredibly intense. Those super smooth vocal tones had me envisioning The Killers whilst those compelling lyrics packed a fierce punch. Original Material was my introduction to Colony House and it’s an amazing song. So once the title track is over it’s then onto this tempting treat. Now Original Material was a breezy number which resonated plenty of indie pop bliss. You had an anthem esque toe tapping melody, those vocals were so smooth whilst I fell for those infectious lyrics hook, line and sinker. El Capitan was a blitzing jam which resonated plenty of indie rock vibes. That melody was rather upbeat whilst those story telling lyrics had been perfectly penned. Why I Even Try was a beautiful ballad and those refreshing vocals were candy coated. Just listening to this charming number resulted in me smiling all throughout. Following on was the next interlude and this being Runaway Pt2 (Love Is Is A Compass). Even though it lasted for 48 seconds, I was left utterly compelled. Those beautiful vocal tones perfectly infused with the relaxing string instrumentation. Where I’m From was a sleek R&B jam which hooked me on the very first listen. Those tantalising tones were smooth like butter whilst those story telling lyrics were extremely touching. Then you had the harmonising which resulted in a slice of sheer bliss. Take It Slow stood out to me on the very first listen, this was down to the fact it sounded so different compared to what already featured. This was a fresh and funky cut delivered at an infuriating pace. I would say this addictive number was pure surf rock. When Take It Slow was nearing the end, Colony House then included a hip hop breakdown. Julia was a stripped back of sheer bliss, those tones/ harmonies were extremely refreshing and then you had lyrics which touched my heart. Trying was a beautiful gem with lyrics which uplifted my spirits. Everything about this number was on point, both lyrics and melody created something extremely hypnotic. Runaway Pt3 (The Weight) was a beautiful slice of perfection. The melody was atmospheric whilst those lyrics painted a picture of someone who’s down on his luck “Nothing’s ever gone my way/ Seems nothing’s ever gonna change”. If I was to sum up the closing tune The Hope Inside it would have to be majestic. I well and truly adored this dazzling delight, those terrific tones/ harmonies were a breath of fresh air whilst the lyrics emitted a feeling of hope.

Leave What’s Lost Behind is available to from iTunes

Official Website

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