John Adams: Kiss Every Stranger Single Review


31st January 2020 saw Welsh wonder John Adams return with a brand new single and this being Kiss Every Stranger. Released via Tristar Records, this is an exceptional effort which leaves me anticipating more outstanding originals in the nearby future.

Now I have been a firm follower of John’s work, the moment I heard the likes of Dandelion Wishes, Things That Make You Beautiful and double A side See You Again/ Coming Home made it love at first listen. He actually made his musical debut in 2013 with The Pavement Is My Stage which Adams funded from busking around the country. Five years later he dropped his sophomore full length You Never Know Who’s Listening and that was a phenomenal slice of perfection. We then get to 2019 and John Adams released an EP and this being No White Lies, this compelling 5 track mini album was literally a sheer spectacle.

Everything about Kiss Every Stranger was pure perfection, this tempting treat was a wondrous ballad accompanied by heartfelt lyrics and Adams’s sumptuous vocal tones. Now the theme of this succulent single centred on the topic of love, in this instance John sang how he was after an old fashioned love and how he’s going to kiss every stranger until the one has been found “I don’t know what she looks like/ I don’t know what she wears/ For now I’m going to Kiss Every Stranger/ Until one of them is her/ I don’t know if she wants to/ Or even if she cares/ For now I’m going to Kiss Every Stranger”.

Kiss Every Stranger is available from iTunes

Official Site

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