Archie Faulks: What For Single Review

Singer/ songwriter Archie Faulks is back with a brand new single and this being the impeccable What For. This tantalising track dropped on 17th January 2020 via Cartoon Records and it’s a literal slice of sheer bliss. What For also appears on the upcoming Longing In London EP alongside last years single Foreign Kisses.

Faulks is no newbie on the music scene, he made his emergence in 2014 adopting the moniker Tenterhook releasing songs such as Chemicals, What I Like and Stereo amongst others. It was back in 2018 when Archie decided to unveil compelling cuts under his own name. Debut solo single It Rains captivated me and from that very moment I knew he had something incredibly special. His crisp folk tinged vocals were out of this world and his songwriting abilities were off the charts. During that period, Faulks unveiled the likes of Blackout, Hung Up and Wonderful. All of which featured on the 4 track Wonderful EP. In 2019 Faulks also unleashed the thrilling Willing To Learn and the fantastic Foreign Kiss.

Well back to the single in question, I’ve listened to What For a number of times and I cannot help but heap praise onto it. Archie Faulks’s star is burning bright and I for one cannot wait to hear more new compositions in the nearby future. Now What For is an enchanting slice of perfection, those perfectly penned lyrics painted the picture of a day where nothing is going your way and listening to music is your comfort blanket “I’ve got the music”. Then you had Archie’s ethereal vocal tones which accompanied a relaxing melody. Actually listen to this tantalising effort resulted in tingles running up my spine.

Here is what Archie had to say in regards to this outstanding original “When everything feels hopeless in life there will always be certain things that can provide an element of comfort. I am lucky that singing, writing and listening to music gives me that. So this song is about despite it seeming like my world is was falling a part I still had a safe refuge in the history of recorded music and my own guitar”.

What For is available from iTunes


Feb 27 – Leeds, Royal Park Cellars
Feb 28 – Glasgow, Gladcafe
Feb 29 – Newcastle, Surf Cafe
Mar 02 – Birmingham, Dead Wax
Mar 03 – London, The Islington
Mar 04 – Southampton, Joiners
Mar 12 – St Albans, The Horn


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